• MovieDB 2.1.1

    nvb 4 years ago 3 commits to master since this release

    This release contains a few bug fixes. The main reason for this release is to push the bug fix for issue #55 to F-Droid. This bug caused the application to crash on launch and therefore there was some time-pressure involved in releasing a fix. Other things that have been fixed:

    • The inconsistency in the start/finish date formats has been dealt with.
    • The application doesn't crash when leaving the 'episodes seen' field empty anymore.
    • After changing the amount of episodes watched, the total amount of episodes is appended for consistency.
    • Sanity checks have been added to other fields that accept user input.
    • Sanity check in case the total amount of episodes is null.
  • MovieDB 2.1.0

    nvb 4 years ago 12 commits to master since this release

    This release mostly contains bug fixes and UX improvements. There are some new features however, these are the following:

    • The release date is added when viewing shows in a list view.
    • Persistent filtering is added. This means that the filter settings will always apply (regardless of restarting the application for example).
    • Similar movies is replaced with recommended movies.
    • The possibility to fetch the API data in another language (instead of the default user locale) is added.
  • MovieDB 2.0.0

    nvb 4 years ago 34 commits to master since this release

    Version 2.0.0 will mainly contain bug fixes as most features that were originally planned for 2.0.0 were included in the 1.9.0 release.

    From this release on the version number will be determined according to the SemVer specification ( instead of what "feels right."

    Changes in this release:

    • The Russian translation has been updated. This might not seem like much, but a lot of translations quickly become outdated. So I want to thank dimqua for continuously updating the Russian translation!
    • Implemented biography translations and fixed the pictures of "people" not being visible.
    • The application doesn't crash anymore when there is no Internet connection.
    • The editor for saved shows now properly resizes for different screen sizes.
    • The application is translated to French. Thanks a lot Julien Lepiller!
    • Peter Marquardt fixed a bug where the tabs would duplicate, so many thanks for fixing that! (Plus, it's the first PR actually containing code!)
    • A lot of other stuff that is probably not worth mentioning.
  • MovieDB 1.9.0

    nvb 4 years ago 69 commits to master since this release

    It took more than half a year, but this new version contains a lot of new changes to make up for it!

    • First of all the Navigation Drawer has been replaced by the Tabbed navigation (this also means that a few activities have been replaced by Fragments).
    • Instead of a list, the shows are now shown in a grid (also, the ListViews have been replaced by RecycleViews). However, there is a possibility to switch back to a list layout if one prefers to do so.
    • A place for all the settings has been added, the settings mainly address how the applications looks (grid size, showing the crew/cast, hiding certain tabs, etc.) (issues #24, #23, #19).
    • The sort/filter activity has been expanded too. It now has its own activity and a lot more functions (issue #16).
    • Personal record tracking (the date you started/finished watching, the rating you gave a show, etc.) has been improved and expanded (issue #25).
    • The way the saved shows are listed has completely changed too. Everything is now in one list with multiple categories to sort on. The category a show belongs too is now indicated by a color on the bottom of the show card, this makes it easy to know what category a show belongs to when scrolling through the list.
    • A new export option (JSON) has been added.
    • The Russian translation has been updated (thanks again dimqua!).
    • And a lot of other stuff that I either forgot or isn't worth mentioning here.
  • MovieDB 1.1.0

    nvb 5 years ago 129 commits to master since this release

    This version contains a few new features and some bug fixes:

    • The application is now available in German - thank you very much topu!
    • The movie rating is now non-mandatory (issue #5).
    • Titles are now added to the similar movies and cast views (issue #8).
    • The application is translated to Russian - many thanks to you dimqua!
    • A view is added to display the crew that worked on a movie/series (issue #10).
    • A new activity is added to display all persons (that are in some way involved with a movie/series) (issue #9).
    • Add the possibility to expand and/or collapse the cast, crew and similar movie views (issue #15).
    • The loading of the pages (when scrolling down) is improved (issue #17).
    • Functionality to sort (and filter) movies and series has been added (issue #16).
    • Bug fixes (issues #7, #14 and more).
  • MovieDB 1.1.0

    nvb 5 years ago 149 commits to master since this release

    This version contains the following updates:

    • Japanese translation is added (thank you naofum!)
    • It is possible to import and/or export the database now.
    • Strings are improved
    • Bug fixes
  • MovieDB 1.0.0

    nvb 5 years ago 160 commits to master since this release

    Initial release