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  nipos b6e8c83f61 Add support for per-domain rules and rule management page 1 month ago
  nipos 3040815f43 Change version in manifest 3 months ago
  nipos edf37e3455 Fix ip check,fix false-positives,improve icon for dark themes,fix switch buttons,set persistent settings as default 3 months ago
  nipos 117cb758c1 Forgot to update version in manifest 4 months ago
  nipos 8d6c65058f Change third-party libraries to fit Mozillas rules 4 months ago
  nipos d382f90ab3 Many bugfixes,new features and updates for the first version 5 months ago
  nipos ca44ec5671 Change application ID to remove the error when trying to install manually 5 months ago
  nipos d2d0aac4cb Change statement in the Readme,add me to copyright,preparation for reupload to NotABug 5 months ago
  Gokulakrishna c8ec3e2718 Delete package.json 5 months ago
  Gokulakrishna add600bbea Update help.html 6 months ago
  Gokulakrishna 30c1212cd0 Update manifest.json 6 months ago
  Gokulakrishna 70047896e6 Update privacy.html 6 months ago
  Gokulakrishna d41132335b Update settings.html 6 months ago
  Gokulakrishna cb70f3833b Update update.html 6 months ago
  Gokulakrishna 06e2dbf796 Update 6 months ago
  Gokulakrishna 059af59cee Update 6 months ago
  Gokulakrishna a4cf00919c Update Privacy Policy 6 months ago
  Gokulakrishna 2f35596100 Update 6 months ago
  Gokulakrishna a656605bcb Update 6 months ago
  Gokulakrishna da0100af93 Update 6 months ago
  Gokulakrishna 129bc21850 Update 6 months ago
  Gokulakrishna b79e6ef81d Merge branch 'CopyCloudUrlsToClipboard' into 'master' 9 months ago
  Gokulakrishna d493267b94 Copy cloud urls to clipboard 9 months ago
  Gokulakrishna K Sudharsan 08942e4c79 updated bootstrap js 10 months ago
  Gokulakrishna K Sudharsan cf3575c9c2 Updated jQuery version 10 months ago
  Gokulakrishna 66f864383f Merge branch 'ExcludesList' into 'master' 10 months ago
  Gokulakrishna 6c5eee1e3d Closes #1 10 months ago
  Gokulakrishna 964d9cbe04 Merge branch 'liveupdateBadgeCounts' into 'master' 11 months ago
  Gokulakrishna c120c7705f Closes #27 11 months ago
  Gokulakrishna 77448ff22b updated domupdater to call setbadgetext to reflect stats for webrequests blocked after the PAGE LOAD COMPLETE event happened in onupdated handler 11 months ago