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Ubilling Security Policy

If you found that authorized users can do something.

Special notice, for all wannabe pentesters/white hats/black hats/1337 h4x0rs etc, about vulnerabilities that you think you have already discovered:

If you find that some code or commands are executed somewhere - this means that the system is working and nothing else. This is the normal functionality of this project, and it is intended for it.

Please stop being a moron who constantly writes us something like "OMG, we have discovered the fact that users under root rights or administrator rights, or system configuration rights can execute any code under root rights!".

This system is intended for the administration of servers, server clusters and equipment in the telecommunications sector. Yes, under the root rights. Yes, under root access to database. This is the direct purpose of this project. This project does not have other purpose. It would be surprising if a system designed to execute code under root rights didn't do this when an administrator (user) logged in with the necessary rights for it. In real world, no one has access to this web-interface except system administrators who alredy have root permissions on this server. Yes, any data in 526 basic forms is not filtered. Its not required. Yes, in the real world no one from the outside doesnt knows Ubilling administrative interface URL.

Perhaps you are one of those retarded persons who are also surprised by the fact that ssh or telnet executes some commands if you use a username and password for it. Okay then, you can assume that you've found the same serious vulnerability in Ubilling. Your mom is proud of you, but you are still retard.

Yes, following modules


allows you:

  • dump and download whole database
  • execute any SQL queries under root rights on host system
  • execute any PHP or shell code under root rights on host system

Just think about it.

Known NOT Vulnerabilities

  • CVE-2018-1000827 - administrator with rights to register users can register users.. how unexpected..
  • CVE-2020-29311 - administrator with root rights can execute some code under root rights... WOW...
  • "Tasks manager CSRF" - administrator with rights to create tasks can create some tasks.. amazing..

Reporting a Vulnerability

If you think that you discovered real vulnerability that not requires logged in administrator user accont to reproduce it, you can report it by emailing


  • you will not receive any bounty
  • you will not become famous
  • you will not discover anything that we do not know about.. maybe.
  • but maybe you will satisfy your curiosity

Sorry if something that you read above seems unacceptable or rude to you, but we are really tired of the fact that every day someone tells us that the project is doing what it was designed for.