1. TNT Installation Instructions
  2. ------------------------------
  3. TNT is free software. These instructions should help you configure,
  4. build, and install TNT from the source code.
  5. Compiling and Installing TNT
  6. ----------------------------
  7. To compile TNT, you will need the following on your machine:
  8. C, C++, and FORTRAN compilers
  9. pdflatex and latex2html for documentation
  10. To compile and install TNT, type the following
  11. ./configure --prefix=/location/to/install/tnt
  12. make
  13. make install
  14. The configure script will analyze your system and generate makefiles
  15. with the proper flags and macros. You really should use the
  16. --prefix=xxx option to control the installation location. Installing
  17. to the default locations (/usr/bin, /usr/lib, etc.) will spread the
  18. application files all over your system, and it will install README and
  19. the license file into /usr. Configure's --help option will list other
  20. options and explain defaults.
  21. To choose a new compiler, you can set environment variables or
  22. set flags on the configure command line. The autotools will
  23. generally try to use the GNU compilers (gcc, g++, g77), but you
  24. could select a native compilers like this.
  25. ./configure CC=c89 CXX=CC F77=f90
  26. Builds have been tested on Red Hat Fedora Core 2 Linux, HP-UX 11,
  27. and Microsoft Windows under Cygwin, but the code should compile on
  28. other Unix-like systems as well.
  29. Running TNT
  30. -----------
  31. Running TNT requires a functioning installation of Tcl with Tk,
  32. BWidget, Incr Tcl, and IWidgets extensions. These are available in
  33. source code form from,
  34., and
  35. You may also get a pre-compiled package called ActiveTcl from
  37. To run TNT, make sure that the TNT package /bin directory and the wish
  38. interpreter are both in your PATH. Run tnt from the command line or
  39. from a shortcut. See the user guide for details on TNT operation.
  40. Installing on Microsoft Windows
  41. -------------------------------
  42. TNT has been compiled and installed on Microsoft Windows computers
  43. using the Cygwin development package from
  44. The same configure/make/make
  45. install process described for Unix systems should work from the Cygwin
  46. command window.
  47. If you get the Windows binary installation of TNT, then compiling and
  48. installing from the command line will not be necessary. Just follow
  49. the usual installation procedures for Windows applications.