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  26. <blockquote><em>Write a list of things you would never do. Because it is possible that in the next year, you will do them.</em> <nobr>&mdash;Sarah Kendzior</nobr> <a href="#footnote1">[1]</a></blockquote>
  27. <p>
  28. We, the undersigned,
  29. are employees of tech organizations and companies based in the United States.
  30. We are engineers, designers, business executives, and others
  31. whose jobs include managing or processing data about people.
  32. We are choosing to stand in solidarity with Muslim Americans,
  33. immigrants, and all people whose lives and livelihoods
  34. are threatened by the incoming administration&rsquo;s
  35. proposed data collection policies.
  36. We refuse to build a database of people
  37. based on their Constitutionally-protected religious beliefs.
  38. We refuse to facilitate mass deportations
  39. of people the government believes to be undesirable.
  40. <p>
  41. We have educated ourselves on the history of threats like these,
  42. and on the roles that technology and technologists played
  43. in carrying them out.
  44. We see how <a href="">IBM collaborated to digitize and streamline the Holocaust</a>,
  45. contributing to the deaths of six million Jews and millions of others.
  46. We recall the <a href="">internment of Japanese Americans</a>
  47. during the Second World War.
  48. We recognize that <a href="">mass deportations</a>
  49. precipitated the very atrocity the word genocide
  50. was <a href="">created</a> to describe:
  51. the murder of 1.5 million Armenians in Turkey.
  52. We acknowledge that
  53. genocides are not merely a relic of the distant <nobr>past&mdash;</nobr><wbr>among others,
  54. <a href="">Tutsi Rwandans</a> and
  55. <a href="">Bosnian Muslims</a>
  56. have been victims in our lifetimes.
  57. <p>
  58. Today we stand together to say: not on our watch, and never again.
  59. <p>
  60. We commit to the following actions:
  61. <ul>
  62. <li>We refuse to participate in the creation of
  63. databases of identifying information
  64. for the United States government
  65. to target individuals based on race, religion, or national origin.
  66. <li>We will advocate within our organizations:
  67. <ul>
  68. <li>to minimize the collection and retention of data
  69. that would facilitate ethnic or religious targeting.
  70. <li>to scale back existing datasets
  71. with unnecessary racial, ethnic, and national origin data.
  72. <li>to responsibly destroy high-risk datasets and backups.
  73. <li>to implement security and privacy best practices,
  74. in particular,
  75. for end-to-end encryption to be the default wherever possible.
  76. <li>to demand appropriate legal process
  77. should the government request that we turn over
  78. user data collected by our organization, even in small amounts.
  79. </ul>
  80. <li>If we discover misuse of data that we consider illegal or unethical
  81. in our organizations:
  82. <ul>
  83. <li>We will work with our colleagues and leaders to correct it.
  84. <li>If we cannot stop these practices,
  85. we will exercise our <a href="">rights</a> and responsibilities to speak out publicly
  86. and engage in <a href="">responsible whistleblowing</a>
  87. without endangering users.
  88. <li>If we have the authority to do so,
  89. we will use all available legal defenses to stop these practices.
  90. <li>If we do not have such authority,
  91. and our organizations force us to engage in such misuse,
  92. we will resign from our positions rather than comply.
  93. </ul>
  94. <li>We will raise awareness and ask critical questions
  95. about the responsible and fair use of data and algorithms
  96. beyond our organization and our industry.
  97. </ul>
  98. <div class="note">
  99. Note: Signatories&rsquo; references to affiliated organizations below
  100. are for identification purposes
  101. and are not intended to imply an endorsement by the organization.
  102. </div>
  103. <p>Signed,</p>
  104. <ul class="signatories">
  105. <!-- To add a signature, insert ONE LINE below beginning with <li>. -->
  106. <!-- Alphabetize by first name. -->
  107. <li>Akil Harris, First Look Media
  108. <li><a href="">Alex Cook, Software Engineer ( Part-time Thought Leader)</a>
  109. <li>Andreas Fuchs, Stripe
  110. <li>Andrew Bonventre, Google
  111. <li>Annie Tuan, Mobile Software Engineer
  112. <li>Asher Cohen <!-- from GitHub user Asheric -->
  113. <li><a href="">Ben Cohen</a>
  114. <li>Ben Wood, Autodesk
  115. <li><a href="">Brady O'Connell</a></li> <!-- from GitHub user boconnell -->
  116. <li>Brian Geppert, metacode
  117. <li><a href="">Brian Mastenbrook, AirStash</a>
  118. <li><a href="">Brian T. Rice, Awake Networks</a>
  119. <li>Britton Watkins
  120. <li><a href="">Dan Bornstein, Computer Programmer</a>
  121. <li><a href="">Dan Kaminsky, Chief Scientist, White Ops</a>
  122. <li><a href="">Dave Mayo, Software Developer, Harvard University</a>
  123. <li>David Beckley
  124. <li>David Hartunian, Position Development <!-- from GitHub user dhartunian -->
  125. <li>David Reid, Engineer, Fig <!-- from GitHub user dreid -->
  126. <li><a href="">Donald Ball, SparkFund</a>
  127. <li>Drew Durbin, CEO, Wave
  128. <li><a href="">Drew Erny<a> <!-- from GitHub user dperny -->
  129. <li><a href="">Ed Ropple, edboxes</a>
  130. <li><a href="">Elsie Powell, 2U</a> <!-- from GitHub user embolalia -->
  131. <li>Erin Ptacek, Latacora
  132. <li>Ethan Schlenker, Twitter
  133. <li>Heather Rivers, Director of Engineering, Mode Analytics
  134. <li><a href="">Holly Allen</a> <!-- from GitHub user hollyallen -->
  135. <li><a href="">Janardan Yri</a>
  136. <li>Jane Ruffino
  137. <li>Jeffrey Stanton, SparkFund
  138. <li>Jen-Mei Wu, <a href="">Liberating Ourselves Locally</a> <!-- from GitHub user jenmei -->
  139. <li>Jenny Tong, Pumping Station: One
  140. <li>Jeremy Rauch, Latacora
  141. <li>Jesse Luehrs
  142. <li>Jonathan Haddad, The Last Pickle
  143. <li>Josh Feldman
  144. <li><a href="">Joshua Wise, Imaging Architect, NVIDIA Corporation</a>
  145. <li>Judy Tuan, Software Engineering Manager
  146. <li>Justin Falcone
  147. <li>Ka-Ping Yee, Engineer, Wave
  148. <li><a href="">Karl Fogel, Partner, Open Tech Strategies LLC</a>
  149. <li><a href="">Katerina Marchán, npm, Inc.</a>
  150. <li>Kelly Buchanan
  151. <li>Kelly Shortridge
  152. <li>Kelsey Gilmore-Innis, Callisto
  153. <li><a href="">Leigh Honeywell, Slack</a>
  154. <li>Lincoln Quirk, Founder,
  155. <li>lvh, Latacora
  156. <li>Maggie Ronan
  157. <li>Mano Marks, Docker
  158. <li>Marlena Compton, IBM
  159. <li><a href="">Matthew Garrett, CoreOS</a> <!-- from GitHub user mjg59 -->
  160. <li><a href="">Matthew McVickar</a>
  161. <li>Matthew Pfeffer
  162. <li>Melinda Jacobs
  163. <li><a href="">Melissa Elliott</a>
  164. <li><a href="">Michael Downey</a>
  165. <li>Michael Jeremiah Curry
  166. <li>Michael Wilber, Cornell Tech
  167. <li>Mike Perry, Tor Project
  168. <li>Mikeal Rogers, Node.js Foundation <!-- from GitHub user mikeal -->
  169. <li><a href="">Mindy Preston, Docker</a>
  170. <li>Nate Parsons, Planet Labs, Inc.
  171. <li>Nathan Sorenson, SparkFund
  172. <li>Nick Sullivan, Cloudflare
  173. <li>Nikko Patten-Weinstein, SparkFund
  174. <li><a href="">Noah Hall</a>
  175. <li>Paul Kruczynski
  176. <li>Peter Eckersley, Chief Computer Scientist, Electronic Frontier Foundation
  177. <li>Peter Reilly, Software Engineer
  178. <li>Philip James, Stripe
  179. <li>Richard Esteban Martinez Hughes, MIT Class of 2008
  180. <li>Richo Healey, Stripe
  181. <li>Ryan Sablosky, Bard College
  182. <li>Seth Price, RS &amp; GS Engineer, Planet, Inc.
  183. <li> Shaun Carland, Software Engineer, Yesware
  184. <li>Shauna Gordon-McKeon
  185. <li>Sheila Miguez, Canonical
  186. <li>Siena Aguayo, Software Engineer, Indiegogo
  187. <li><a href="">Stephen Woods, Salesforce</a> <!-- from GitHub user saw -->
  188. <li><a href="">Steven Johnson, Google</a> <!-- from Github user steven-johnson -->
  189. <li>Ted Scharff, Planet Labs
  190. <li>Teresa Murphy, Marketing Associate, Indiegogo
  191. <li>Thomas H. Ptacek, Latacora
  192. <li>Tim Chevalier, Google
  193. <li><a href="">Timothy Kempf, Meadow</a> <!-- from GitHub user Fauntleroy -->
  194. <li>Tymm Zerr
  195. <li><a href="">Valerie Aurora, Frame Shift Consulting</a>
  196. <li>William Wnekowicz, Developer in Residence, KPCB
  197. <li><a href="">Yan Zhu, Security Engineer</a>
  198. <!-- End of signatures. -->
  199. </ul>
  200. <h2>How to sign this pledge</h2>
  201. <p>
  202. If you would like to join us in signing this pledge,
  203. we ask that you send us your name and
  204. optional position, affiliation, and/or URL,
  205. exactly as you would like to be listed here,
  206. in one of the following ways:
  207. <ul>
  208. <li><a href="">Send us a pull request on GitHub.</a>
  209. <li><a href="">Direct message us on Twitter (our DMs are open).</a>
  210. <li>If neither of these options are possible,
  211. please email neveragaindottech at gmail dot com,
  212. but please note that this may delay your signature
  213. as we must validate your identity.
  214. Please send us some way for us to confirm your identity,
  215. such as a LinkedIn profile or a homepage.
  216. </ul>
  217. <h2>Additional resources</h2>
  218. <p>If you&rsquo;re reading this and want to take action beyond signing,
  219. some things you can do include:</p>
  220. <h3>Donate</h3>
  221. <ul>
  222. <li><a href="">American Civil Liberties Union</a>
  223. <li><a href="">Council on American-Islamic Relations</a>
  224. <li><a href="">Asian Law Caucus</a>
  225. <li><a href="">Southern Poverty Law Center</a>
  226. <li><a href="">MPower Change: Muslim Grassroots Movement</a>
  227. <li><a href="">DRUM – Desis Rising Up and Moving</a>
  228. <li><a href="">Center for Media Justice</a>
  229. <li><a href="">ProPublica</a>
  230. </ul>
  231. <h3>Volunteer</h3>
  232. <ul>
  233. <li><a href="">Showing Up for Racial Justice</a>
  234. </ul>
  235. <h3>Legal assistance and referrals</h3>
  236. <ul>
  237. <li><a href="">Electronic Frontier Foundation’s Cooperating Attorneys List</a>
  238. <li>State and local lawyer referral services
  239. <ul>
  240. <li>San Francisco Bay Area:
  241. <ul>
  242. <li><a href="">San Francisco</a>
  243. <li><a href="">San Mateo County</a>
  244. <li><a href="">Santa Clara County</a>
  245. </ul>
  246. <li><a href="">All others: See the American Bar Association’s Lawyer Referral Directory</a>
  247. </ul>
  248. <li>State labor law enforcement agencies
  249. <ul>
  250. <li><a href="">State of California Labor Commissioner’s Retaliation Complaint Investigation Unit</a>
  251. <li><a href="">California Department of Fair Employment and Housing</a>
  252. </ul>
  253. </ul>
  254. <h3>Other resources</h3>
  255. <ul>
  256. <li><a href="">Responsible Data Forum</a> (data ethics)
  257. <li><a href="">Data & Society</a> (research on social impact of data)
  258. <li><a href="">ACM Software Engineering Code of Ethics and Professional Practice</a> (and <a href="">revisions committee</a>)
  259. <li><a href="">EFF&rsquo;s Surveillance Self-Defense Guide</a>
  260. </ul>
  261. <h3>Further reading</h3>
  262. <ul>
  263. <li><a href="">Autocracy: Rules for Survival</a> by Masha Gessen
  264. <li><a href="">Trump: The Choice We Face</a> by Masha Gessen
  265. <li><a href="">We’re heading into dark times. This is how to be your own light in the Age of Trump</a> by Sarah Kendzior</a>
  266. <li><a href="">A Yale history professor’s powerful, 20-point guide to defending democracy under a Trump presidency</a> by Timothy Snyder
  267. </ul>
  268. <h3>Footnotes</h3>
  269. <ol>
  270. <li id="footnote1">From <a href="">We&rsquo;re heading into dark times. This is how to be your own light in the Age of Trump</a> by Sarah Kendzior
  271. </ol>