1. Libreboot 20160907
  2. For existing boards, there are no new board specific changes.
  3. This release adds one new mainboard to libreboot:
  4. * Intel D945GCLF desktop motherboard (thanks to Arthur Heymans)
  5. Other bugfixes:
  6. * Various improvements to the documentation
  7. * re-added "unset superusers" to the grub.cfg, which was needed for some users
  8. depending on the distros that they used
  9. Libreboot 20160902
  10. This is a bugfix release, based on 20160818. It contains no new board changes.
  11. The previous 20160818 release had build errors in the _src archive, and the
  12. _util archive was only source code.
  13. Changes compared to 20160818:
  14. * Fixed bug where ./build module coreboot always returned non-zero status
  15. * Fixed missing symlink of crossgcc when building from _src (thanks Arthur
  16. Heymans)
  17. * Fixed building with the depthcharge payload (ASUS C201)
  18. * Proper ChangeLog now, instead of pasted git log
  19. * Util archive is now binaries again (source code is in the _src archive)
  20. * Documentation is now in HTML format
  21. Libreboot 20160818
  23. * ASUS Chromebook C201 (ARM laptop) (thanks to Paul Kocialkowski)
  24. * Gigabyte GA-G41M-ES2L motherboard (desktop) (thanks to Damien Zammit)
  25. * Intel D510MO motherboard (desktop) (thanks to Damien Zammit)
  26. * ASUS KCMA-D8 motherboard (desktop) (thanks to Timothy Pearson)
  27. * ASUS KFSN4-DRE motherboard (server) (thanks to Timothy Pearson)
  28. * ASUS KGPE-D16 motherboard (server) (thanks to Timothy Pearson)
  29. For boards previously supported, many fixes from upstream have been merged.
  30. Other changes (compared to libreboot 20150518):
  31. (this is a summary. For more detailed change list, refer to the git log)
  32. 256MiB VRAM allocated on GM45 (X200, T400, T500, R400) instead of 32MiB.
  33. This is an improvement over both Lenovo BIOS and Libreboot 20150518, allowing
  34. video decoding at 1080p to be smoother. (thanks Arthur Heymans)
  35. To clarify, GM45 video performance in libreboot 20160818 is better than on
  36. the original BIOS and the previous libreboot release.
  37. 64MiB VRAM on i945 (X60, T60, MacBook2,1) now supported in coreboot-libre, and
  38. used by default (in the previous release, it was 8MiB allocated). Thanks to
  39. Arthur Heymans.
  40. Higher battery life on GM45 (X200, T400, T500, R400) due to higher cstates now
  41. being supported (thanks Arthur Heymans). C4 power states also supported.
  42. Text mode on GM45 (X200, T400, T500, R400) now works, making it possible to
  43. use MemTest86+ comfortably. (thanks to Nick High from coreboot)
  44. Dual channel LVDS displays on GM45 (T400, T500) are now automatically
  45. detected in coreboot-libre. (thanks Vladimir Serbinenko from coreboot)
  46. Partial fix in coreboot-libre for GRUB display on GM45, for dual channel
  47. LVDS higher resolution LCD panels (T400, T500). (thanks Arthur Heymans)
  48. Massively improved GRUB configuration, making it easier to boot more
  49. encrypted systems automatically, and generally a more useful menu for booting
  50. the system (thanks go to Klemens Nanni of the autoboot project).
  51. Libreboot now uses the grub.cfg provided by the installed GNU+Linux distribution
  52. automatically, if present, switching to that configuration. This is done across
  53. many partitions, where libreboot actively searches for a configuration file
  54. (also on LVM volumes and encrypted volumes). This should make libreboot more
  55. easy to use for non-technical users, without having to modify the GRUB
  56. configuration used in libreboot.
  57. Utilities archives is now source only. You will need to compile the packages
  58. in there (build scripts included, and a script for installing build
  59. dependencies. (binary utility archives are planned again in the next
  60. release, when the new build system is merged)
  61. SeaGRUB is now the default payload on all x86 boards. (SeaBIOS configured to
  62. load a compressed GRUB payload from CBFS immediately, without providing an
  63. interface in SeaBIOS. This way, GRUB is still used but now BIOS services are
  64. available, so you get the best of both worlds). Thanks go to Timothy Pearson
  65. of coreboot for this idea.
  66. crossgcc is now downloaded and built as a separate module to coreboot-libre,
  67. with a universal revision used to build all boards.
  68. Individual boards now have their own coreboot revision and patches, independently
  69. of each other board. This makes maintenance easier.
  70. Updated all utilities, and modules (coreboot, GRUB, etc) to newer versions,
  71. with various bugfixes and improvements upstream.
  72. RTC century byte issue now fixed on GM45 in coreboot-libre, so the date
  73. should now be correctly displayed when running the latest linux kernel, instead
  74. of seeing 1970-01-01 when you boot (thanks to Alexander Couzens from coreboot)
  75. Build system now uses multiple CPU cores when building, speeding up building
  76. for some people. Manually specifying how many cores are needed is also possible,
  77. for those using the build system in a chroot environment. (thanks go to
  78. Timothy Pearson from coreboot)
  79. In the build system (git repository), https:// is now used when cloning coreboot.
  80. http:// is used as a fallback for GRUB, if git:// fails.
  81. New payload, the depthcharge bootloader (free bootloader maintained by Google)
  82. for use on the ASUS Chromebook C201. (thanks go to Paul Kocialkowski)
  83. Various fixes to the ich9gen utility (e.g. flash component density is now
  84. set correctly in the descriptor, gbe-less descriptors now supported)