Commit History

Author SHA1 Message Date
  somewhatlurker 115c6a3193 sync DivaSound (ASIO config UI) 1 day ago
  somewhatlurker 258484051d remove 32 bit configurations, re-enable exception handling but with FH4 disabled 1 day ago
  lybxlpsv ade2cc778c [TLAC] Add dllexport to change current window handle 1 day ago
  nastys 67bde614e0 No more VCRUNTIME140_1.dll 1 day ago
  nastys e6fe2d8ad4 Add readme 1 day ago
  nastys 6798185a1e Reduce DivaMovie debugging info 1 day ago
  nastys 00eed79f41 Detect Wine 2 days ago
  somewhatlurker 7907485b6d move render resolution into render (from TLAC), change some internal resolution options, add "match window" internal resolution option, add "match screen" window resolution option 2 days ago
  nastys b34c0718b0 New launcher background 3 days ago
  somewhatlurker 1854366565 move disable debug cursor patch to patches 3 days ago
  nastys f485973cc9 Separate menu D-Pad bindings 3 days ago
  nastys bcbbb59553 Update PSEUDO patch 3 days ago
  nastys 90f02cbd74 Add partial PSEUDO unlock patch 3 days ago
  nastys 7709b0b592 Disable debug cursor if the system one is enabled (thanks to somewhatlurker) 4 days ago
  nastys f1a9bc2bef Timer patches 4 days ago
  nastys eded77c9a1 Freeze the mode sel timer (thanks to korenkonder) 4 days ago
  somewhatlurker cd65162a1d playerdatamanager: add mylists 4 days ago
  somewhatlurker c35e7ef086 launcher: add no_gpu_dialog option 6 days ago
  somewhatlurker 7a4b874832 ShaderPatch: allow \n escape in to: rules 6 days ago
  nastys d222167f20 Fix TAA and MLAA patches 6 days ago
  nastys 762c2ae590 Port twistero's DivaMovie from testing 1 week ago
  somewhatlurker 152e4c7551 launcher: detect fermi gpus as having no known issues instead of no issues 1 week ago
  somewhatlurker e86fdac7e5 appveyor.yml: include ShaderPatch.ini in updates 1 week ago
  somewhatlurker 8c276c1d19 Merge branch 'master' of somewhatlurker/PD-Loader into master 1 week ago
  somewhatlurker ea6609ab97 Merge branch 'launcher' of somewhatlurker/PD-Loader into master 1 week ago
  somewhatlurker 8b08ace22d launcher: make detection of too new gpus more specific 1 week ago
  somewhatlurker 1433e3fc42 Merge branch 'master' of somewhatlurker/PD-Loader into master 1 week ago
  somewhatlurker a7043d0a35 ShaderPatch.ini: fix/optimise shader names 1 week ago
  somewhatlurker 7a366088aa launcher: moke too new gpu detection better 1 week ago
  somewhatlurker f6be8d5dde launcher: better too old/too new gpu detection 1 week ago