Commit History

Author SHA1 Message Date
  nastys ce6bb33ba8 GAMO2 DIVALLER support 1 week ago
  somewhatlurker 362e1b9259 launcher: fix default values of some options, 1 week ago
  somewhatlurker 13531c4352 don't reload xinput config every frame 1 week ago
  somewhatlurker e1fe198376 rewrite TargetInspector to directly access memory, and add experimental ShouldVibrate bool 1 week ago
  nastys 226d0d33d9 Fix hide CREDIT(S) 1 week ago
  nastys 80192e841c MP4 adv movies support, CREDIT(S) options, launcher options 1 week ago
  nastys 93f212fa43 Fix borderless mode 1 week ago
  nastys 2e1da17161 More internal resolution options 2 weeks ago
  nastys 27a05652f1 Fix and improve GPU detection 2 weeks ago
  nastys 41be868bb8 Windowed mode fixes; Double tap ESC to quit; Launcher improvements 2 weeks ago
  somewhatlurker 0e63043885 add hardware_slider to default config.ini 2 weeks ago
  somewhatlurker 79ba676287 make JVS L and R buttons from slider work with input emulator active 2 weeks ago
  _ 26de4c1a1a Xinput improvements with more than 1 controller 2 weeks ago
  somewhatlurker 9b4018b47e change (simplify) ESM config, add option to allow using hardware sliders 2 weeks ago
  somewhatlurker 42e282568c launcher: replace messagebox question icon with PokeWhat 2 weeks ago
  somewhatlurker f3e19e9ff8 launcher: derp (helps if the import name's right) 2 weeks ago
  somewhatlurker fec60e6e82 launcher: use SkinnedMessageBox when exiting 2 weeks ago
  somewhatlurker ec7850c714 render: move cuInit setup into framework.h 2 weeks ago
  somewhatlurker 78c5ee6b0a launcher: avoid crashing with original version of GLUT, move cuInit call into ui.h (function setup in framework.h), allow changing resolution of borderless mode 2 weeks ago
  somewhatlurker 16bbe3c05f render: make borderless resolution adjustable and hopefully fix window size being wrong on high dpi 2 weeks ago
  somewhatlurker cae862c40e minor cleanup in launcher 2 weeks ago
  nastys e10e237b99 More user-friendliness 2 weeks ago
  nastys c926ee780d Add user-friendliness (part 2) 2 weeks ago
  nastys 808570731b Add user-friendliness 2 weeks ago
  nastys 2ef36063f1 Merge somewhatlurker's changes to the launcher 2 weeks ago
  nastys 8eb9276a33 Remove unnecessary stubs 2 weeks ago
  nastys 85d5ea002d Oof 2 weeks ago
  nastys ea8ab1559a Merge branch 'master' of 3 weeks ago
  lybxlpsv d8773e35f8 Merge branch 'no_card2' of lybxlpsv/PD-Loader into master 3 weeks ago
  lybxlpsv 0a0c01ad04 playerdatamanager: forgot to change back stuff 3 weeks ago