1. Historic moments in the life of mcron. -*-text-*-
  2. Copyright (C) 2003, 2005, 2006 Dale Mellor
  3. Copying and distribution of this file, with or without modification,
  4. are permitted in any medium without royalty provided the copyright
  5. notice and this notice are preserved.
  6. Please send bug reports to
  7. Saturday, 4th February 2012
  8. Received a suggestion from Antono Vasiljev to look in's
  9. standard user configuration directories for user script files. This is
  10. implemented in the GIT repository.
  11. Sunday, 20th June 2010
  12. Standardized the copyright notices on all auxiliary files (including this
  13. one!) according to the example set by the GNU hello program. Removed
  14. immutable end texts from the texinfo document. These changes are required
  15. for Debianization. Released as version 1.0.6.
  16. Sunday, 13th June 2010
  17. Made some technical changes to the build system to aid Debianization.
  18. Released without announcement as version 1.0.5.
  19. The GIT repository has been completely re-hashed, and now represents a
  20. complete and faithful history of the package's development since its
  21. inception.
  22. Thursday, 21st February 2008
  23. The source code is now held in a GIT repository, at
  24. git://
  25. Released version 1.0.4, under the new GPLv3 license, after some prodding by
  26. Karl Berry.
  27. Sunday, 16th April 2006
  28. Released version 1.0.3. Incorporated many coding suggestions by Sergey
  29. Poznyakoff, which makes the program work with daylight savings time shifts,
  30. fixes a bug in parsing Vixie-style input files, allows a user the
  31. opportunity to correct a crontab entry instead of just wiping out the file.
  32. Made it work with Guile 1.8. Updated the manual with GFDL and some minor
  33. suggestions from Karl Berry.
  34. Monday, 2nd January 2006
  35. Released version 1.0.2.
  36. Saturday, 15th May 2004
  37. Set up Savannah and the mailing lists so that we are now homed properly at
  38. Released version 1.0.1 to reflect this, with CVS tag release_1-0-1
  39. (no branch). Hopefully we will now get some feedback!
  40. Friday, 12th December 2003
  41. Released version 1.0.0 through No CVS tag has been created.
  42. Tuesday, 2nd December 2003
  43. Mcron is now officially a GNU program. Unfortunately Savannah, the
  44. development environment, has been mauled so an immediate GNU release is not
  45. likely. No CVS tag has been created.
  46. Tuesday, 5th August 2003
  47. Released version 0.99.3. The CVS tag will be release_0-99-3 (no branch).
  48. Sunday, 3rd August 2003
  49. Broken the code into modules (which is not the same as saying the code is
  50. broken ;-) ).
  51. Sunday, 20th July 2003
  52. Released version 0.99.2. (Now fully functional). The CVS tag is
  53. release_0-99-2 (no branch).
  54. Sunday, 20th July 2003
  55. It has been a long and painful journey, but we have at last worked out how
  56. to work around all the faults in Guile (an implementation with no threads
  57. and no UNIX signals!). The code is now really 100% Vixie compatible.
  58. Saturday, 5th July 2003
  59. Released version 0.99.1, with installation of cron and crontab disabled by
  60. default (suspect problems with Guile internals are preventing these from
  61. working properly). The CVS tag is release_0-99-1 (no branch has been
  62. created for it).
  63. Friday, 4th July 2003
  64. We have been accepted as a Savannah project. A CVS repository and web home
  65. page have been created. We're still waiting for acceptance as a GNU
  66. project.