1. A suite of Python libraries and command line tools for doing ostatus.
  2. Needed this to test things I'm doing with servers and I just
  3. can't get node-ostatus to work without giving me o3 library
  4. problems. So I figured I'd port parts of it to Python.
  5. This has very limited functionality, thus far.
  6. Some command line scripts have been added: webfinger, profile, status and
  7. hcard.
  8. Each takes one or more webfinger addresses:
  9. ./status
  10. or
  11. ./profile
  12. This code makes no particular effort to be super efficient, but it
  13. does try to be relatively simple and dependency free.
  14. TODO:
  15. Thus far all the code performs only read only activities. Nothing is
  16. being done for subscription, PuSHing to hubs, or doing anything with
  17. salmon. So all of that is a todo.