1. The FOAF project brings social networking into the semantic web. By publishing
  2. information about yourself, your interests, projects and friends in machine
  3. readable RDF files, you can participate in a completely decentralised social
  4. network, maintaining complete ownership and control of your personal data.
  5. foaflib is a Python library built on the rdflib library and designed to make it
  6. easy to do things like:
  7. * Create FOAF files
  8. * Read FOAF files
  9. * Use people's FOAF profiles to access their blogs, Twitter feeds, etc.
  10. foaflib is really new and under heavy development. Assume that nothing works at
  11. all, that way you'll be pleasantly surprised when some things do.
  12. You can find some rough instructions and examples in the wiki at
  14. I am rather new to working with FOAF and RDF so comments and contributions from
  15. more semantically savvy people are 100% welcome!