Commit History

Author SHA1 Message Date
  Michael Buesch 190c82a37b Bump version 9 months ago
  Michael Buesch e3d4fcba4f Add testcase for pic18f1220dip18 9 months ago
  Michael Buesch f5b5fa83f5 microchip16: Fix byte unpacking 9 months ago
  Michael Buesch 59fdc59df0 python3: Use integer division 9 months ago
  Michael Buesch b247949540 tests: Remove spaces from hex 9 months ago
  Michael Buesch 53a23895b2 cli: Fix I/O encoding 9 months ago
  Michael Buesch ba7ad75eba Add mpc89 bootloader info 9 months ago
  Michael Buesch 9cebb22614 Add testcase for AtTiny85 9 months ago
  Michael Buesch 1f9cb0ac00 Add support for AtTiny25/45/85 9 months ago
  Michael Buesch d5ccb02c25 gui: Switch to PyQt5 and Python3 9 months ago
  Michael Buesch 3e47dbffa1 bytes vs. str fixes 9 months ago
  Michael Buesch d26c65dec5 Run 2to3 on all .py files 9 months ago
  Michael Buesch 2704b87631 toprammer-gui: Fix editor foreground for dark desktop configurations 3 years ago
  Michael Buesch 4f40cd5e8c Bump version 4 years ago
  Michael Buesch 837a992744 Add tests/top2049/m24c01.test 4 years ago
  Michael Buesch 6c799115cb fpga/microchip16: Avoid redefinition warning 4 years ago
  Michael Buesch b70727437e m24cxx: Remove "broken" attribute 4 years ago
  Michael Buesch 232a029ffb m24cxx: Fix I2C implementation 4 years ago
  Michael Buesch 42657f00c8 chip: Add option to override throwError() 4 years ago
  Michael Buesch 8d30d69cc6 fpga: Add more common warning filters 4 years ago
  Michael Buesch 941a0b0de5 fpga: Add macros for initial section 4 years ago
  Tom van Leeuwen d2317e71c4 Add a short sleep before re-trying to read the programmer version string 5 years ago
  Tom van Leeuwen eab0738489 Try to re-initialize the programmer several times, to prevent having to un-plug and re-plug the programmer after every time it has been used. 5 years ago
  Michael Buesch 9250373500 Add missing package info 5 years ago
  Michael Buesch 8ca82d58bd Add support for building python packages 5 years ago
  Michael Buesch ec9d2f184a Remove obsolete qemu patches 5 years ago
  Michael Buesch 2b6efff503 Bump version 5 years ago
  Michael Buesch aa9a52ac80 Default to tar.xz 5 years ago
  Michael Buesch 536bc6a738 Update documentation 5 years ago
  Michael Buesch b84a9d96d9 Update 5 years ago