Commit History

Author SHA1 Message Date
  Michael Buesch 463e33ca6f resolver: Return needle from $(contains 2 months ago
  Michael Buesch 038e45e114 resolver: Add statement $(contains 2 months ago
  Michael Buesch 7ea91af783 Remove Cython3 support 4 months ago
  Michael Buesch f82022e80a Update example macros 11 months ago
  Michael Buesch 3948643eb8 formfields: Add tab to default charset 11 months ago
  Michael Buesch ffe46814d9 example/css: Center title text 11 months ago
  Michael Buesch f959f50d30 example/css: Add basic css for mobile devices 11 months ago
  Michael Buesch 7548110a1d example/css: Use relative font sizes 11 months ago
  Michael Buesch 8a1c54beab example/css: Use flexbox layouts 11 months ago
  Michael Buesch 7599ba81ba example/macros/PAGELIST: Add div before and after page-listing 11 months ago
  Michael Buesch acf97df8b4 css: Move some rules 11 months ago
  Michael Buesch 9d9b18f379 Use nagivation bar mechanisms for $(pagelist) 11 months ago
  Michael Buesch 1d3ec5943c resolver: Remove regex processing from macro parser 11 months ago
  Michael Buesch 32e7791948 resolver: Inline small helpers 1 year ago
  Michael Buesch 74ae8e429f resolver: Optimize stack handling 1 year ago
  Michael Buesch 0b464b5b59 util: Add helpers for C char arrays 1 year ago
  Michael Buesch 993681b84d util: Use html.escape instead of deprecated cgi.escape 1 year ago
  Michael Buesch 6a03a38e7e cli: Enable debugging 1 year ago
  Michael Buesch f7f4764e9b resolver: Remove unnecessary method 1 year ago
  Michael Buesch 3361a88f0e cli: Fix crash due to missing CMSException 1 year ago
  Michael Buesch 3ee2104eb0 resolver: Avoid expensive str slicing 1 year ago
  Michael Buesch d358a035ce resolver: Optimize single character handling 1 year ago
  Michael Buesch dbba01cddb pageident: Optimize __hash__ 1 year ago
  Michael Buesch 72b2125adc util: Optimize fs helpers 1 year ago
  Michael Buesch 05298fc681 Optimize str2int conversions 1 year ago
  Michael Buesch f8b517185d util: Optimize stringBool() 1 year ago
  Michael Buesch 02a45160cd util: Fix redefinition of symbol 1 year ago
  Michael Buesch 894b0a1706 cli: Add support for profiling 1 year ago
  Michael Buesch c6040adba0 setup: Add support for profile build 1 year ago
  Michael Buesch af12a59478 resolver: Add missing decl 1 year ago