Commit History

Author SHA1 Message Date
  Andrea Monaco 2fe10ea669 b43-fwdump: Fix forwarding of arguments to disassembler 1 year ago
  Michael Buesch 27892ef741 fwcutter/make: Avoid _DEFAULT_SOURCE warning 6 years ago
  Sam Edwards 3f46e61606 fwcutter: Add firmware 6 years ago
  Michael Buesch b77c0a3be0 debug: Fix ordering of HF bits 7 years ago
  Michael Koch f7016b5b24 Remove definitions which are not Broadcom specific 7 years ago
  Michael Koch 32c2a3c7c9 Change order of identifiers to be ascending with the spr numbers 7 years ago
  Michael Koch 122ca374c5 Rename bits in hostflags to match new identifiers for the hostflags 7 years ago
  Michael Koch 1907804cab Add aliases for Corerev >= 16, Corerev >= 22, and 802.11ac 7 years ago
  Michael Buesch 8dce532979 fwcutter: Bump version 9 years ago
  Michael Buesch bc3140bff6 fwcutter: Update copyright information 9 years ago
  Michael Buesch d5a5fc3554 fwcutter: Update man page 9 years ago
  Michael Buesch 417235f81c fwcutter: Add debian patches dir 9 years ago
  Michael Buesch 4a36ca499d Update .gitignore 9 years ago
  Daniel Echeverry 6ac7837811 fwcutter manpage: Fix title 9 years ago
  Ralf Treinen b6dd7423ca fwcutter manpage: Remove reference to --postfix option 9 years ago
  Daniel Echeverry 89b880716d fwcutter: Import the debian build scripts 9 years ago
  Phil Calvin 30e3fca2e4 Build on Mac OS 10.9 by using libkern/OSByteOrder.h 10 years ago
  Michael Buesch b88078e7a0 fwcutter: Bump version 10 years ago
  Michael Buesch 9943900813 Fix memset size argument error. 10 years ago
  Larry Finger f9ea2d59b3 fwcutter: Add firmware 10 years ago
  Michael Buesch 67f1896697 b43-asm: const-ify yyerror() argument 11 years ago
  Hauke Mehrtens 62ac5a230d b43-asm: fix compile error: undefined reference to `yydebug' 11 years ago
  Michael Buesch 25b3c27189 fwcutter: Update URLs 11 years ago
  Michael Buesch 691cd291af b43-fwcutter: Bump version 11 years ago
  Michael Buesch aafdafff01 fwcutter: Fix typo in release script 11 years ago
  Michael Buesch 5b68bd4720 fwcutter: Fix type punning 11 years ago
  Hauke Mehrtens ec376b3c80 b43-fwcutter: pack correct ucode for brcmsmac fw 11 years ago
  Michael Buesch 38267954aa b43-fwcutter: Bump version 11 years ago
  Hauke Mehrtens f1549d5c91 b43-fwcutter: Add support for generating a fw for brcmsmac 11 years ago
  Michael Buesch a4083e9b01 fwcutter: Rewrite release script 12 years ago