Commit History

Author SHA1 Message Date
  Marcus Pedersén b414ad121c Updated 10 months ago
  marcux 87056dd32c Added database functions to node daemon 11 months ago
  marcux b12cb6552f Corrected validate functionality in node-rsqd 1 year ago
  marcux 2cb192ac46 Created database access and insert for validate function in node-rsqd 1 year ago
  marcux 050cb5f1c8 Added communication and functions required for validation 1 year ago
  marcux 790bd3bdb1 Added printed instructions for validate and limited to root user 1 year ago
  marcux 5653a6a9c6 Added start of validate daemon in rsqd 1 year ago
  marcux e06caf2d41 Added args for rsqd 1 year ago
  marcux c53c1b3539 Started to add validation of hosts with --validate flag 1 year ago
  marcux 4bc1cbd2a8 Changed config, updated help text, created db init 1 year ago
  marcux 37286d8df5 Updated reading status on tasks, formated print of status 1 year ago
  marcux be19038242 Changed thread to Actor and SyncArbiter 1 year ago
  marcux 344cf85202 Added initial part of status print 1 year ago
  marcux dccecd010f Added thread to pull task info 1 year ago
  marcux 109e1157a2 Added functionality to excecute received tasks 1 year ago
  marcux d90f3fb11d Moved structs from node rsqd to rsqlib 1 year ago
  marcux b5ea394937 Added web server that respons on rsqueue daemon requests 1 year ago
  marcux 7d7058a4a4 Added log file to node daemon 1 year ago
  marcux 7ad954877b Changed return type on request_cpus 1 year ago
  marcux 31abd85707 Changed name on cpu functions and added config info 1 year ago
  marcux acf6b5510d Fixed bugs in parse cpus and task status 1 year ago
  marcux e76bdaabd6 Added config to node-rsqd 1 year ago
  marcux bb2f91650c Corrected Cargo files and headers in src files 1 year ago
  marcux ec2fb5e80d Added function that finds all available CPUs 1 year ago
  marcux eeb815b06c Added structs to manage execution of tasks and args to fn 1 year ago
  marcux d7dad19fea First attempt to run systemd-run 1 year ago
  marcux 777a0920ab Added args for node-rsqd 1 year ago
  marcux 3d57da87ae Corrected README 1 year ago
  marcux e8bd79ac04 Added homepage 1 year ago
  marcux f1b9daf5f6 Updated readme file 1 year ago