Commit History

Author SHA1 Message Date
  flux 707e444955 bound velocity to prevent processes w/ an exponential velocity increase from crashing the game 4 years ago
  TenPlus1 68fef94ba8 updated api.txt 4 years ago
  TenPlus1 92ab4eeb2e mob alias now transfers staticdata (thanks MoNTE48) 4 years ago
  TenPlus1 c5b74230e5 on_replace returns node names, even when groups used 4 years ago
  TenPlus1 5958270158 add glow setting to mob entity, update api.txt 4 years ago
  TenPlus1 b9ad166821 check cliff drop every 1/4 second instead of 1 second 4 years ago
  TenPlus1 b588452dea drops can now be a function, also code tidy 4 years ago
  TenPlus1 d6bd538a35 if mob standing in solid block then jump to escape 4 years ago
  TenPlus1 2ca012e30b replace deprecated settexturemod with set_texture_mod 4 years ago
  TenPlus1 c7838e5517 code tidy ' to " 4 years ago
  TenPlus1 38232d5ef4 only spawn mob if player is within active area (useful for world anchors and force loaded areas) 5 years ago
  TenPlus1 26cc611ad4 dont spawn mobs if world anchor found nearby 5 years ago
  TenPlus1 1a85cf7e2c mobs cannot spawn within 8 blocks of player, update api.txt 5 years ago
  TenPlus1 06dbdb1c44 disabled the new raycasting line of sight due to mob attack issues 5 years ago
  TenPlus1 f040ee5bc7 fix nil value when mob not available 5 years ago
  TenPlus1 7179dc86e6 add mob check for mob_reset_stick 5 years ago
  TenPlus1 1de0c34283 code tidy 5 years ago
  TenPlus1 e4ca52fafb fix nil check 5 years ago
  TenPlus1 975175e7b8 fix mobs:line_of_sight() global function to use entity reference 5 years ago
  TenPlus1 0bc62cbf74 typo fix 5 years ago
  TenPlus1 392974e835 added new line_of_sight that uses raycasting when mt5.0 is found (thanks Astrobe) 5 years ago
  TenPlus1 ddbd403285 add stand_chance and animation force flag 5 years ago
  TenPlus1 55dda6da83 force defined model on activation instead of stored 5 years ago
  TenPlus1 26a520e214 sneak and punch mob with mob reset stick to add custom texture 5 years ago
  TenPlus1 a1d4e9bbfc add mobs:mob_reset_stick 5 years ago
  TenPlus1 8da3bb5cb1 add do_stay_near function, fix annoying pathfinding sounds and toolrank wear 5 years ago
  TenPlus1 d3f5ead4fa add new flight check function by taikedz 5 years ago
  TenPlus1 980a47bdab fix : to . 5 years ago
  TenPlus1 0015b01834 after_spawn fix... thanks GreenDiamond 5 years ago
  TenPlus1 78ef560852 fix nametag bug when self.follow is nil 5 years ago