Commit History

Author SHA1 Message Date
  lloda 44b9ffcafd Clean up checks 3 months ago
  lloda 22bbbb2435 Various fixes 1 year ago
  lloda 9caac37e2e Partial support for ra::len in View subscripts 1 year ago
  lloda 2f4920bc5f Move WithLen sandbox to header 1 year ago
  lloda 0f31fc3cf2 Fix const for Big/View 1 year ago
  lloda 9ad78c5b57 Rename int_t/bool_t to int_c/bool_c and add dim_c 1 year ago
  lloda 6078fb5bc4 Allow indefinite length ra::Iota 1 year ago
  lloda f544435d0d Fix check on Ptr::at 1 year ago
  lloda 4870284f22 Remove redundant checks in keep_step() 1 year ago
  lloda 516ac8bfb1 Add to test/CMakeLists.txt 1 year ago
  lloda 66d3374438 Fix constexpr for ra::Iota 1 year ago
  lloda 94e5af305c Enable swap() between ct and rt rank containers 3 years ago
  lloda 473f78c08a Variant of a test in 3 years ago
  lloda fb3af25b6b Rename View::dim to View::dimv and size(k), size_s(k) to len(k), len_s(k) 3 years ago
  lloda ee35be57c5 Before fixing std:: reexports 3 years ago
  lloda 96fb7d4a15 Fix expression assignment between identical types 3 years ago
  lloda 472ab2864a Fix some uses of sum/prod 3 years ago
  lloda 3e300960f9 Fix building with cmake 3 years ago
  lloda 2a4408614e Fix forwarding of capture in ra::at() 3 years ago
  lloda ec8a0211d0 Further reduce ra/wrank.H 5 years ago
  lloda 0aeec35b49 Review rank.H and allow dead axes out of transpose() 5 years ago
  lloda 2323217a48 Try to isolate the gcc 8.3.0 bug 5 years ago
  lloda e7b3992aa5 Replace size_s() member from iterator types by free function 5 years ago
  lloda 90a63c371c Refactor Expr, Pick on top of Match 5 years ago
  lloda c8d9e905c7 Per-dimension frame matching 5 years ago
  lloda 71b7e17187 Allow size in ptr() 5 years ago
  lloda f5c6f24dd5 Fix a dynamic-dynamic case of ra::transpose 5 years ago
  lloda ed2af03d8e Use RA_ASSERT hook on CHECK_BOUNDS 5 years ago
  lloda 9faf4721b8 Fix forwarding bug 5 years ago
  lloda cb183ae5a5 Golfing 5 years ago