Commit History

Author SHA1 Message Date
  lloda 2ab9cc1cdf Refactor CellSmall/CellBig 2 months ago
  lloda a601ef3fff Walk indices backward in STLIterator 3 months ago
  lloda badf61ed6d Merge atom.hh in expr.hh 3 months ago
  lloda 8d30e6d579 Rename FLAT to VALUE 3 months ago
  lloda 507ca0d196 Merge macros.hh in tuples.hh 3 months ago
  lloda a53d0d0fd7 Clean up headers 3 months ago
  lloda a4f0661f1a Fix sliding view bug 3 months ago
  lloda 689b63cb55 Move own functions inside ra:: 3 months ago
  lloda 4d43766b57 Remove ra::coerce 3 months ago
  lloda 7fd47c2d4e About bad abort issue [ra17] 3 months ago
  lloda 9ebc857cf4 Notes about IteratorConcept vs FlatConcept and how they're used in traversal 3 months ago
  lloda 1f16676dd5 STLIterator uses a sentinel 3 months ago
  lloda f757bb36df Return std::array from shape() 4 months ago
  lloda 27168767bc Parameterize CellBig/Small on Dimv/T instead of View type 4 months ago
  lloda d91e22ae66 Merge ra::vector in ra::ptr 4 months ago
  lloda e75878eb87 Base CellSmall on SmallView instead of SmallBase 4 months ago
  lloda b40c2d412b Merge DIM_ANY/RANK_ANY and DIM_BAD/RANK_BAD 4 months ago
  lloda 02e68c5740 Reuse view iterator .at() in view's .at() 4 months ago
  lloda cf9e968bf6 Unify indexers 4 months ago
  lloda 8173bed452 Fixes for Container brace constructors 4 months ago
  lloda b83d975303 Traversal order for plyf is defined inside first 4 months ago
  lloda dbcb4cce83 Reuse maybe_len in iota optimizers 4 months ago
  lloda 2dce5e34f0 Fix out of range checks for beatable iotas 5 months ago
  lloda 3b0cda4869 Remove 3-arg inside() as it was never used 5 months ago
  lloda 4f31808c89 Rearrange headers again 5 months ago
  lloda af44c283f9 Remove TensorIndex<n> alias 5 months ago
  lloda 35d7831a93 Rearrange headers 5 months ago
  lloda 81e76243a3 Support stretch dots<> in Small subscripts 6 months ago
  lloda bb8d8f063b Remove some unused type predicates 7 months ago
  lloda d52f807a6c Review examples and bump version to v22 7 months ago