Commit History

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  lloda 2ab9cc1cdf Refactor CellSmall/CellBig 1 day ago
  lloda 09da0f34a9 Clarification on some array functions 1 day ago
  lloda 69e163414b Document interface to ranges 1 day ago
  lloda 6c0389e8ee Actually fix STLIterator postfix ++ 2 days ago
  lloda 7397c8503e Better support for ranges 2 days ago
  lloda 1413fd4bb6 Fix STLIterator postfix ++ 2 days ago
  lloda 946e02d9ca Do not remove const in value_t 2 days ago
  lloda a601ef3fff Walk indices backward in STLIterator 3 days ago
  lloda 5cd0b516c1 Make STLIterator work with arbitrary IteratorConcept 3 days ago
  lloda 6d84e6bbea Make STLIterator move only 3 days ago
  lloda c734252ab9 Another workaround for 'forwarding' issue 3 days ago
  lloda b3e71f64d7 Fix forwarding issue in Match 3 days ago
  lloda ada9b49c2c Remove unnecessary declarations in Small 4 days ago
  lloda 3ff71cd8ad Merge branch 'smallagain' 4 days ago
  lloda e68d062e99 Separate Small from SmallView 1 week ago
  lloda f19fb93fbc Get rid of the ravel_args parameter to SmallArray 1 week ago
  lloda 2d96a0c7c1 Normalize RA_ASSIGNOPS_SELF/DEFAULT_SET in Iterator types 1 week ago
  lloda badf61ed6d Merge atom.hh in expr.hh 1 week ago
  lloda 8d30e6d579 Rename FLAT to VALUE 1 week ago
  lloda 507ca0d196 Merge macros.hh in tuples.hh 1 week ago
  lloda beecc8c450 Make RA_IS_DEF into concepts 1 week ago
  lloda a53d0d0fd7 Clean up headers 1 week ago
  lloda cac7697c2d Fix View assignment ops 1 week ago
  lloda 8c193bb350 Restore View's move constructor 2 weeks ago
  lloda 39b12c5eb3 Merge branch 'saveload' 2 weeks ago
  lloda a4f0661f1a Fix sliding view bug 2 weeks ago
  lloda c2cd62ebc9 Simplify ra::agree_op 2 weeks ago
  lloda 689b63cb55 Move own functions inside ra:: 2 weeks ago
  lloda 4a3bc7780d Patch lookup issues with std::max 2 weeks ago
  lloda d1e63f1c7c Debugging lookup problem 2 weeks ago