Commit History

Author SHA1 Message Date
  lloda 82d3d3ab10 Remove BLIS bindings and fix references to guile-ffi-blis 2 years ago
  lloda 239f398bff Fix tests for updated srfi-64 in Guile 2 years ago
  lloda 0445053fac Add docstrings for ger/gemv/gemm in (ffi blis) 3 years ago
  lloda 232a9f5372 Allow disabling BLIS' internal stride checks 3 years ago
  lloda c388f064f1 Elaborate on 3 years ago
  lloda dd44204bd7 Conditionally provide bindings for cblas_?rotg 3 years ago
  lloda 769ff08554 Rename libpath env variables 5 years ago
  lloda b39340da09 Remove redundant (format) 5 years ago
  lloda 46282d70bb Macro to replicate ?blisfunction defines for s/d/c/z 5 years ago
  lloda 0f6246e73a Wrap BLIS bli_?daxpy bly_?daxpby 5 years ago
  lloda ab175b9686 Wrap BLIS bli_xdotv 5 years ago
  lloda a996bbdf19 Clean up 5 years ago
  lloda 7581d3cf68 Add bindings for srotg drotg crotg zrotg 6 years ago
  lloda 9de8188aeb Add bindings for isamax idamax icamax izamax 6 years ago
  lloda 99352a1db9 Add bindings for sswap dswap cswap zswap 6 years ago
  lloda b59722ba4e Add bindings for csscal dzscal 6 years ago
  lloda 249b01dc26 Add bindings for CBLAS scopy dcopy ccopy zcopy 6 years ago
  lloda 67c767ddef Reformat README 6 years ago