Commit History

Author SHA1 Message Date
  lloda 4458d50f84 Generalize srfi4-type-size in (ffi cblas arrays) 2 years ago
  lloda 9956d613c5 Prefix all typed exports with cblas- 2 years ago
  lloda 82d3d3ab10 Remove BLIS bindings and fix references to guile-ffi-blis 2 years ago
  lloda b1c60a322f Simplify scalar->arg 2 years ago
  lloda 239f398bff Fix tests for updated srfi-64 in Guile 2 years ago
  lloda 0445053fac Add docstrings for ger/gemv/gemm in (ffi blis) 3 years ago
  lloda 83e6c00398 Group the BLIS gemv tests a bit more clearly 3 years ago
  lloda 232a9f5372 Allow disabling BLIS' internal stride checks 3 years ago
  lloda c388f064f1 Elaborate on 3 years ago
  lloda 20c7af6f68 Merge branch 'norotg' 3 years ago
  lloda dd44204bd7 Conditionally provide bindings for cblas_?rotg 3 years ago
  lloda a1e402e272 Remove rotg support for a test 3 years ago
  lloda 98b3e8fc1f Fix license mismatches 4 years ago
  lloda 08e3714289 Update license 4 years ago
  lloda 769ff08554 Rename libpath env variables 4 years ago
  lloda 1d334fd21d For the time being give up on constructing docstrings 4 years ago
  lloda 49d2d94d69 Macro (define-auto) to define type generic bindings, and apply in (ffi blis) 4 years ago
  lloda 5326ac7112 Apply define-sdcz to define-rotg in (ffi cblas) 4 years ago
  lloda 564a58f882 Assume define-xxx in define-sdcz 4 years ago
  lloda b39340da09 Remove redundant (format) 4 years ago
  lloda 8e7acde4f9 Add more defines for BLIS constants 4 years ago
  lloda b60e9f7fd6 Normalize arg order to BLIS gemm 4 years ago
  lloda a556b0d58b Normalize arg order to BLIS ger 4 years ago
  lloda 294faa16d8 Normalize order of arguments to BLIS gemv 4 years ago
  lloda 6fee4bd4c6 Copy pattern of type -> (quote type) from cblas.scm to blis.scm 4 years ago
  lloda 452299e4a4 Apply define-sdcz to cblas.scm 4 years ago
  lloda f2e2b1687a Remove repeated iamax etc. :-O 4 years ago
  lloda e0effb4050 Refactor define-sdcz 4 years ago
  lloda 46282d70bb Macro to replicate ?blisfunction defines for s/d/c/z 4 years ago
  lloda 0f6246e73a Wrap BLIS bli_?daxpy bly_?daxpby 4 years ago