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Simple and stylish text-to-html microblog generator.


python3 dateutil toml curl pycurl make urllib
  • dateutil, toml, pycurl are Python modules.
  • make (optional), method for invoking the script.
  • urllib (optional), for uploading multiple files to neocities (


The following generates a sample page result.html.

cp example/Makefile .

Using make is uptional; it does the following within a new directory:

cp example/settings.toml ./settings.toml
cp example/timeline.css ./timeline.css
cp example/default.tpl ./template.tpl
cp example/demo.txt ./content.txt
python ./template.tpl ./content.txt > result.html

This script generate a text file after operation.

  • updatedfiles.txt, a list of files updated by the script for use in automated uploads.


Settings are read from settings.toml. See example/settings.toml.

Writing Content

See example/demo.txt.

The content file is a plain text file of posts. Each post has two types of information: timestamp and message. For example:

Thu Mar 17 11:11:11 PM EDT 2022
Today I ate ice cream.
It was strawberry flavored. 

Thu Mar 16 2:22:22 PM EDT 2022
I took these pictures.
/images/1.jpg /images/2.jpg /images/3.jpg
  • the first line of the file must be empty (newline character only).
  • the two last lines of the file must be empty
  • html can be placed in the message for embedded videos and rich text

Anything else

This is a script I wrote for personal use. The output can be seen on I figure someone else may want to use it for their own personal websites, so it is published.

It works for me and my workflow; therefore, it is simple and involves little lines of code. But I am still open to comments, questions, or suggestions.