Hilton Chain f15a141cf3 file-systems: Add cgroup2 to %pseudo-file-system-types. 1 year ago
examples fdafd40432 maint: Use a pretty version string in ISO and VM images. 1 year ago
images c8112f3bd9 system: images: Add wsl2 module. 1 year ago
accounts.scm cf848cc0a1 accounts: Add default value for the 'home-directory' field of <user-account>. 5 years ago
file-systems.scm f15a141cf3 file-systems: Add cgroup2 to %pseudo-file-system-types. 1 year ago
hurd.scm df473496ed system: hurd: Fix bogus 'initrd-modules' field. 2 years ago
image.scm 2784fcf14d system: images: Add a TODO comment. 1 year ago
install.scm d0376f6718 system: install: Do not load amdgpu in the installer image. 1 year ago
keyboard.scm 2729cb406d system: Allow for comma-separated keyboard layouts. 4 years ago
linux-container.scm 26af06b66b linux-container: container-script: Parse command line options. 1 year ago
linux-initrd.scm 0dc019e19a initrd: Use non-hyphenated kernel command-line parameter names. 2 years ago
locale.scm 9d0d4b331d system: locale: Use only the current glibc. 2 years ago
mapped-devices.scm 931f13840b mapped-devices: Ensure 'cryptsetup open' gets a tty. 2 years ago
nss.scm f7a5cf7a2d nss: Remove '%compat' from the defaults. 6 years ago
pam.scm 671e6a8180 system: Allow 'chfn' to change the user's full name. 2 years ago
setuid.scm 45235e67e4 system: Add (gnu system setuid). 3 years ago
shadow.scm e740cc6140 Merge branch 'master' into core-updates 3 years ago
uuid.scm 90604348e1 uuid: Support XFS. 2 years ago
vm.scm 0233583aa4 system: vm: Change the writable image name. 2 years ago