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title:Libre Networking date: 2020-09-22 20:00 tags: libre networking

summary: Network with People You Want be Like

So this evening, I went and I chatted with some cool dudes in the libre hardware space. They were super approachable on the I had some weird hardware errors, so I had to use the jitsi SIP backend to chat with my jmp account. Then I was also in the meeting with a muted jitsi account. It was very odd.

But I learned that Firefox doesn't properly support WebRTC, so I had to use ungoogled-chromium to connect to the channel. I also learned that the lynx browser, which is a terminal based browser, is great for testing accessibility issues with websites. And I got some homework: learn assembly!

Anyway, if you have software people that you would like to network with, email them. I've emailed Drew Devault of sway fame. I've chatted (via xmpp) with Christopher Lemmer Webber of ActivityPub and Media Goblin fame. These people are really approachable, and you can learn a lot from them.