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  Joshua Branson 3ec89af964 * posts/libre-networking: tiny tweak. 1 day ago
  Joshua Branson b65592c63c * posts/ New post. 1 day ago
  Joshua Branson 3abf21b9bd * pages/services.sxml: I added required lines to the form. And I 1 day ago
  Joshua Branson f3428ca03a * posts/ I added a new blog post. 6 days ago
  Joshua Branson 779bce5376 I tweaked the site to use the zenburn theme! 1 week ago
  Joshua Branson 217263075b builders/my-blog.scm: I added in a .basic-section-padding for the blog. 1 week ago
  Joshua Branson add7e4844a I added some images and section highlighting and adding in articles. 1 week ago
  Joshua Branson 96673d8d0e * css/header.scss I increased the font size of the links in the header. 2 weeks ago
  Joshua Branson f64f3b7b9e * css/header.scss I increased the font size of the links in the header. 2 weeks ago
  Joshua Branson 713cbeaf8b * posts/ Some edits to the nginx configuration. 2 weeks ago
  Joshua Branson 6ef2e798a1 * posts/ Some tiny edits to the nginx configuration. * css/main.scss some edits to the sites theme. 2 weeks ago
  Joshua Branson f7aa30202d * pages/about.sxml I added a lot more information about me.\n* theme/theme.scm I added a proper footer line to my site.\n*css/main.scss,footer.scss,header.scss,theme.scss I updated my sites theme. 2 weeks ago
  Joshua Branson 3687b182c8 I removed the text transform property. It hurt my eyes. 2 weeks ago
  Joshua Branson b7734327aa css/main.scss: I added a transform property that scaled the height of the text. 2 weeks ago
  Joshua Branson de6461cbb5 posts/HTTPS-ing now post. I also tweaked the font size, line spacing, and font-family. 2 weeks ago
  Joshua Branson 13925fa7d6 * builders/pages.scm: This builder now builds all of the 2 of the top 2 weeks ago
  Joshua Branson d466826284 Another working state of my website 2 weeks ago
  Joshua Branson a652e2e065 * builders/my-blog.scm I moved many of the functions found in theme/theme.scm back into builders/blog.scm 2 weeks ago
  Joshua Branson d14d1ce5a1 * pages/services.sxml new file\n*utils/utils.scm I made a pages-in-dir function. 2 weeks ago
  Joshua Branson be93c7fdf7 * builders/my-blog.scm: add a meta line to alert browsers to my atom feed. 2 weeks ago
  Joshua Branson 2fbb7364de renamed builders/{gnucode.scm => my-blog.scm}. 3 weeks ago
  Joshua Branson 5fc8ea12a3 * posts/ new file 3 weeks ago
  Joshua Branson ddba0767c5 * builders/pages.scm initial builder to build my site pages. 3 weeks ago
  Joshua Branson 0c4499ca91 I added in a header and footer and added in some css. I copied 3 weeks ago
  Joshua Branson f7e314f3a4 posts/ I fixed 1 link markup. 3 weeks ago
  Joshua Branson 90f5578e21 A new blog post about using a linode to run guix system. 3 weeks ago
  Joshua Branson 29663ee3b8 initial commit. 3 weeks ago