Jan Krüger 4d6c22a1a0 plugins/wolframalpha: new plugin 1 year ago
duckduckgo.pm 8af48d2939 plugins/duckduckgo: update HTML "parser" for new HTML structure 2 years ago
faq.pm 300763e35d plugins/{faq,man}: allow multiple matches per line 8 years ago
git.pm 459a2edd9d plugins/git: support `^c` shorthand for `^{commit}` 2 years ago
graph.pm 8989237866 plugins: new 'graph' plugin for turning graph code into pictures 7 years ago
ignore_users.pm 92996fbe28 Initial revision. 8 years ago
join.pm abf5205163 plugins/join: #10: fix command line parsing and interpretation of config 6 years ago
man.pm 113151b7a3 plugins/man: correctly deal with an inline 'man git' 8 years ago
random.pm df9a0e4512 plugins/random: fix deleting randoms 6 years ago
say.pm 5d80b688ce plugins/say: support .action, too 7 years ago
templink.pm 21c3277785 plugins/templink: catch errors caused by missing URLs, when adding links to DB 5 years ago
text_trigger.pm 893fec610e plugins/text_trigger: API: return all changes rather than just recent ones 5 years ago
thanks.pm 4156a60cf4 plugins/thanks: detect 'ty', too 3 years ago
version.pm 2c80450b27 plugins/version: properly parse version with multi-digit components 3 years ago
voice.pm d26ca88305 plugins/voice: ctl command: fix incorrect code sending confirmation 8 years ago
weblogin.pm 6c3787cd21 plugins/weblogin: port to Digest::SHA 6 years ago
welcome.pm 057f71e45e plugins/welcome: persist welcome flag 8 years ago
wolframalpha.pm 4d6c22a1a0 plugins/wolframalpha: new plugin 1 year ago