Commit History

Author SHA1 Message Date
  Jan Krüger 4d6c22a1a0 plugins/wolframalpha: new plugin 1 year ago
  Jan Krüger 459a2edd9d plugins/git: support `^c` shorthand for `^{commit}` 1 year ago
  Jan Krüger 917fb581de plugins/git: don't allow whitespace after 'git::' marker 1 year ago
  Jan Krüger e1d5cf5d3b plugins/git: add notabug support 1 year ago
  Jan Krüger 8af48d2939 plugins/duckduckgo: update HTML "parser" for new HTML structure 1 year ago
  Jan Krüger 1db983f244 plugins/git: support commit view in Gitlinks 2 years ago
  Jan Krüger 4156a60cf4 plugins/thanks: detect 'ty', too 3 years ago
  Jan Krüger ec83cf360d plugins/git: add simpler alternative syntax 3 years ago
  Jan Krüger 2c80450b27 plugins/version: properly parse version with multi-digit components 3 years ago
  Jan Krüger b3dd9d99ea plugins/git: empty path means view root tree 4 years ago
  Jan Krüger 401ae3e507 plugins/git: add mode for viewing main page of repo (if no ref/path given) 4 years ago
  Jan Krüger bedd8f4c0e plugins/git: support URL fragment in git web links 4 years ago
  Jan Krüger 4df7000ef3 plugins/git: kernel: auto-include .git suffix in repo key 5 years ago
  Jan Krüger f4d5271233 plugins/git: new one to generate links to web viewers for Git repos 5 years ago
  Jan Krüger 893fec610e plugins/text_trigger: API: return all changes rather than just recent ones 5 years ago
  Jan Krüger 21c3277785 plugins/templink: catch errors caused by missing URLs, when adding links to DB 5 years ago
  Jan Krüger 635ad09a01 plugins/duckduckgo: .info: show more results 5 years ago
  Jan Krüger 5469efda1f plugins/duckduckgo: fix .search by rewriting using Mojo::DOM 5 years ago
  Jan Krüger 7b7be6e002 plugins/text_trigger: fix redirects for triggers containing digits 5 years ago
  Jan Krüger 386c5ffcda plugins/text_trigger: suppress duplicate messages (closes #12) 5 years ago
  Jan Krüger f555921b9b plugins/thanks: stop highlighting people with karma info messages 5 years ago
  Jan Krüger 8eafea6878 plugins/text_trigger: keep history for deleted triggers 5 years ago
  Jan Krüger 0797ecf1e1 plugins/thanks: .karma: default to source nick 5 years ago
  Jan Krüger b5aa7b09f5 plugins/thanks: ignore self-thanks 5 years ago
  Jan Krüger 6c3787cd21 plugins/weblogin: port to Digest::SHA 5 years ago
  Jan Krüger 67e5cf19c2 plugins/text_trigger: support disabled triggers 5 years ago
  Jan Krüger 264581a661 plugins/thanks: different response on ++-ing the bot 5 years ago
  Jan Krüger 6f6073dd7f Merge pull request #13 from EugeneKay/master 5 years ago
  Eugene E. Kashpureff Jr 4a8beb47c1 Stop complaining about gitinfo.sqlite being untracked 5 years ago
  Jan Krüger df9a0e4512 plugins/random: fix deleting randoms 6 years ago