1. Installation instructions for voice-czech-machac
  2. ================================================
  3. * Prerequisities
  4. Building this voice was tested with Festival 2.0.95 and 2.1.
  5. Using this voice was tested with Festival 2.0.95.
  6. voice-czech-machac contains just a Czech voice. To synthesize something, you
  7. need festival-czech package providing Czech support for Festival.
  8. festival-czech is available from . To
  9. install it, follow its installation instructions.
  10. * Building the voice
  11. If you install from the binary distribution, skip this step.
  12. In order to build the voice data, make sure you have the following additional
  13. software installed:
  14. - Edinburgh Speech Tools (Debian package speech-tools).
  15. - Festival 2.0.95 or later; earlier versions might work but were not tested
  16. (Debian package festival)
  17. Then just invoke `make'. If it fails, it is most likely because you don't have
  18. installed all the tools mentioned above or you don't have properly set the
  19. Makefile variable estdir (it should point to the Edinburgh Speech Tools), which
  20. defaults to /usr (which is fine on e.g. Debian systems). To e.g. use Speech Tools
  21. installed into /usr/local, use:
  22. make estdir=/usr/local
  23. * Installing the voice
  24. Run `make install'. To adjust the installation path, use the festival_voices_path
  25. Makefile variable, e.g.:
  26. make install festival_voices_path=/usr/local/share/festival/voices
  27. The default (when you do not specify the variable) is
  28. /usr/share/festival/voices.
  29. If you don't have installed the standard English Festival voice or if you want
  30. to set this Czech voice as the default Festival voice, add the following line
  31. to one of the Festival initialization files (usually /etc/festival.scm for
  32. system wide settings or ~/.festivalrc for user specific settings):
  33. (set! voice_default 'voice_czech_machac)
  34. * Running the voice
  35. Start Festival and call:
  36. (voice_czech_machac)
  37. Now Festival should speak Czech!
  38. Local Variables:
  39. mode: outline
  40. End: