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  irdvo b989f357ab Extended gpxjson with plain json output 1 year ago
  irdvo 230d0fbbe8 Fixed malformed file (#1) 1 year ago
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  irdvo 0907015177 Readme updated for gpxgeotag 1 year ago
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  irdvo 133aca3ae6 Add track simplification by distance 2 years ago
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  irdvo 181817de69 gpxrm cont. 3 years ago
  irdvo fa7ecc497b XMLRawParser added, gpxrm added 3 years ago
  irdvo 55928212a6 Small typo's 3 years ago
  irdvo 3aa7c6c285 gpxplot: terminal options, readme 3 years ago
  irdvo 4e8328dff1 gpxplot: missing values for the axis 3 years ago
  irdvo 3e4bf64125 gpxplot: TimeAxis 3 years ago
  irdvo dd3107a5c9 gpxplot: distance, speed and plot generation 3 years ago
  irdvo 0396501508 gpxplot: objects for the axis 3 years ago
  irdvo 2fcb09484a gpxplot: time conversion, logging 3 years ago
  irdvo 1ec7f14eac Readme improved 3 years ago
  irdvo c60239e2bd gpxcoord added 3 years ago
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