Commit History

Author SHA1 Message Date
  James Taylor 263469cd30 Filter out noisy video routing requests in console 1 year ago
  James Taylor c9a75042d2 Add support for more qualities, merging video+audio using MSE 1 year ago
  Jesús e4af99fd17 Revert "Add support for more qualities, merging video+audio using MSE" 1 year ago
  James Taylor d56df02e7b Add support for more qualities, merging video+audio using MSE 1 year ago
  Jesús 7fd2c3474f Capitalize name app 1 year ago
  James Taylor 585d724564 Add hidden setting to allow foreign post requests 2 years ago
  Jesús 48e7cdd9a4 Improve regex to pep8 2 years ago
  Jesús 574cb2dae8 Fix env["PATH_INFO"] for UWSGI, prevents bad url formatting 2 years ago
  Jesús 1de9ae4245 Patch-import-migrate: Add embed page for embeds on the web 2 years ago
  James Taylor afb2aca460 video routing: Range request missing content when connection closed 2 years ago
  Jesús f4b36a220d pep8 2 years ago
  Jesús cf8e8ea5b1 Improve message Starting httpserver 2 years ago
  James Taylor 5f4884dce8 Put vid title at end of download urls so downloads w/ that filename 2 years ago
  James Taylor d3230e8daf Remove commenting system. Because: 2 years ago
  zrose584 a8916b9308 proxy '' 2 years ago
  James Taylor aa199cdf57 Use tor video routing instead of invidious for 403s 2 years ago
  James Taylor e829cc0e89 support alternative server software 2 years ago
  James Taylor 5f5034e826 Increase max redirects for video routing 2 years ago
  user938120 3ffe5d0120 Add setting for tor_port 2 years ago
  James Taylor e9989af03a Add tor video routing 2 years ago
  James Taylor 3a8f18a1fd Merge branch 'master' of 2 years ago
  James Taylor 06974ef41b Don't log noisy caption requests to console 2 years ago
  Jelle Licht c084caf492 Add python3 shebang 2 years ago
  James Taylor 3a07a87c88 Don't log noisy thumbnail and avatar requests in the console 2 years ago
  James Taylor dd5c9a5d41 Fix parameters being ignored in links 3 years ago
  James Taylor fa112592fa Correct malformed query strings: change ? to & so flask 3 years ago
  James Taylor 6a55771630 Redirect localhost:8080 to homepage 3 years ago
  James Taylor 163814d35c Convert subscriptions page to flask framework 3 years ago
  James Taylor 8eff0bb9e2 Delete obsolete files 3 years ago
  James Taylor fc295ac93d Convert comment posting system to flask framework 3 years ago