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  1. For now the widgets are to be grown automatically. It is mirrored after
  2. the installed structure of the LibreVideoConverter library so follow it please, so you can
  3. do diff on it.
  4. General rule is that anything in gtk/cocoa is pretty much fair game,
  5. there's usually some good reason for stuff in miro.frontends.widgets.
  6. For stuff in LibreVideoConverter namespace, think carefully before adding it, with
  7. the exception if it is utilty functions (which we will further abstract
  8. away) or a base class of a platform impementation (such as player.Player).
  9. Python is dynamically interpreted so it is generally safe to remove
  10. the top-level imports and still have the thing run.
  11. As a convention, please prepend the line with ### when you are removing
  12. something, and when you are adding something add ###XXXMVC on the line
  13. before your first addition.