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Hackware Web Services


Hackware Web Services or "Hawese" is a modular web API which returns JSON responses.

Its structure is based on Laravel/Lumen 5.8+ packages. It can be mounted as a monolithical web service or as various microservices depeding on how you structure your composer.json.

Features (packages)

  • Core: Lightweight base class for table based models, standardized JSON responses and User model.
  • Wallet: Digital wallet that associates transactions and balance to unique users.
  • Payment: Payment through various payment gateways. Currently Khipu and Flow.

How to pronounce Hawese?

You can pronounce it as "how easy", but you can also say it as you please.

Run it


Please refer to the requirements of each package. Basically the same as of Lumen/Laravel 5.8+ and composer.


  1. composer require hackware/hawese
  2. Setup your environment variables based on the .env.example file.
  3. Run from the public/ path.

Find detailed documentation and configuration options in each project.

Copyright and licensing

Copyright 2019 Hackware SpA.

This project license defaults to GPL 3.0 or later. It is required since it links to the following AGPL licensed projects:

  • hackware/hawese-wallet
  • hackware/hawese-payment

If you remove that dependencies in the composer.json file then you can choose to use the MIT-0 license terms.

The core library hackware/hawese-core is released under the terms of the MIT license. Non listed dependencies are released under permisive licenses too.

I will greatly appreaciate your contributions back. Please free your software too.