Commit History

Author SHA1 Message Date
  gearsix 89596b2138 final cleanup 1 year ago
  gearsix 07c375538c buffer.c: fixes & cleanups to insert & deletes; added pfind. 1 year ago
  gearsix 89b16fb6fa cleanup; added some doc, CATCH macro to buf.c; removed undo, redo. 1 year ago
  gearsix 2f3ea34be6 added comment doc to buf.{h,c}; removed unused undo, redo in Piece. 1 year ago
  gearsix 003fd96122 added buffree; fixed all memory leaks. 1 year ago
  gearsix 0cec6d6919 added bufout & test for it 1 year ago
  gearsix 699facb796 fixed test_bufins1 1 year ago
  gearsix 69a77b1f16 started work on bufdel 1 year ago
  gearsix 7cc429d267 prettied print() in test.c; make test produces 'ec-test' 1 year ago
  gearsix 936af64091 added pfree; palloc recycles free'd pieces; test_bufins now passes. 1 year ago
  gearsix 9b76662831 git init; Piece, Buf, palloc, psplit, bufinit, bufidx. 2 years ago