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  fr33domlover 2e13ebbaf1 minor UI string changes 4 years ago
  fr33domlover 90d9c33103 some UI string tweaks 4 years ago
  fr33domlover 1076ab1d55 fix typo 4 years ago
  fr33domlover 2173247fac write a better README 4 years ago
  fr33domlover 888eedf7cb again... 4 years ago
  fr33domlover db29f9c5c9 or now maybe? 4 years ago
  fr33domlover e689e6f31e i won't mind if it builds now 4 years ago
  fr33domlover 13f265fd8c fix import ambiguity 4 years ago
  fr33domlover 553977e06a add network-uri dependency 4 years ago
  fr33domlover 8e470cb9d6 add forgotten imports 4 years ago
  fr33domlover c290f5c1d1 forgot to add funbot packages as dependencies 4 years ago
  fr33domlover d490f8433d use funbot instead of the simple pseudo irc bot 4 years ago
  fr33domlover f3ad2fcf6c tweak and add some links 4 years ago
  fr33domlover ec953fc1d3 css: fix some syntax highlighting colors 5 years ago
  fr33domlover 8ed15f0da6 use "anonymous" instead of "anonymous coward" 5 years ago
  fr33domlover a8ec902d71 remove link to fpcomplete web ide 5 years ago
  fr33domlover ac37818028 css tweaks and fixes 5 years ago
  fr33domlover 86e64521b8 fix typo in url, thanks vaeringjar 5 years ago
  fr33domlover 2376a44086 add IRC support for any channel, by joining, sending and instantly parting 5 years ago
  fr33domlover 34a3133f2f adapt base package version to ghc 7.8.4 5 years ago
  fr33domlover 3d2023e7a8 don't announce private pastes 5 years ago
  fr33domlover 14a25b78d3 hack: announcing to #freepost works by JOINing 5 years ago
  fr33domlover 06436e34b2 tweak css, mainly dark theme, but not done yet 5 years ago
  fr33domlover ddb3cc0f17 tweak layout for rel4tion's use 5 years ago
  fr33domlover 7fd6bb3369 fix typo in irc channel name 5 years ago
  fr33domlover 3ed6e561b3 fix base version requirement to work with ghc-7.8.3 5 years ago
  fr33domlover 4b5edea758 add some channels to sql file 5 years ago
  fr33domlover 859986d78d add sql file with language records 5 years ago
  fr33domlover ac6d345eb7 some fixes to sql schema code 5 years ago
  fr33domlover 0f9c0070ad remove g00gle ana1ytic$ 5 years ago