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  ylemkimon ce3840d4ce Include only necessary fonts for target environment specified by Browserslist (#1674) 5 years ago
  Ron Kok 64745b5c8a Add mhchem extension (#1436) 5 years ago
  ylemkimon 3dfd17d9b4 Add catcode to Lexer, move comment parsing back to Lexer (#1789) 5 years ago
  ylemkimon ec6a2b4f36 Remove Supported Functions onPageNav style (#1767) 5 years ago
  ylemkimon 112582daa5 Replace Khan/KaTeX with KaTeX/KaTeX (#1781) 5 years ago
  ylemkimon f4e24183d6 fix: pin stylelint to 9.6.0 (#1778) 5 years ago
  ylemkimon cda184bea4 Add documentation regarding importing the module (#1768) 5 years ago
  Ron Kok f713f324bd Support \includegraphics (#1620) 5 years ago
  ylemkimon f628ca142b Generate ECMAScript module for contrib (#1624) 5 years ago
  ylemkimon 1d79483291 Use reusable executors (#1763) 5 years ago
  ylemkimon 78f39d171e Add homepage to package.json (#1761) 5 years ago
  greenkeeper[bot] ca38cbf8b2 Update flow-bin to the latest version 🚀 (#1754) 5 years ago
  ylemkimon bf98931e2d Add to KaTeX users (#1760) 5 years ago
  ylemkimon 354b4badda Fix documentation CORS error (#1759) 5 years ago
  ylemkimon a3215b284e Refactor `buildExpression` to depth-first traverse groups (nodes), fix spacings and \begingroup...\endgroup (#1706) 5 years ago
  Ron Kok 5f3ab13d02 Support blackboard bold in text mode (#1757) 5 years ago
  ylemkimon 49f84f76e7 v0.10.0 release (#1751) 5 years ago
  ylemkimon 11490b5e0b Allow screenshotter to be run on IE, Edge, Safari and remote, e.g., BrowserStack (#1661) 5 years ago
  Nathan Clonts 6a06470e99 Website custom 404 page (#1748) 5 years ago
  ylemkimon 4dd0e2cdca Add \> (#1752) 5 years ago
  Ron Kok 0b7b4db7fc Support Unicode double square brackets (#1750) 5 years ago
  AlbertHilb 89bb371152 Add support for `\lparen` and `\rparen` delimiters. (#1741) 5 years ago
  greenkeeper[bot] de961dedd5 Update eslint-plugin-flowtype to the latest version 🚀 (#1743) 5 years ago
  ylemkimon 0bc31f1822 Refactor Parser (#1723) 5 years ago
  greenkeeper[bot] 94d433805a chore(package): update eslint-plugin-transform-runtime-aliasing to version 2.0.0 (#1742) 5 years ago
  ylemkimon a51dc4b072 Wrap document fragment where classes, attributes, or styles are applied (#1707) 5 years ago
  Erik Demaine 3514d48856 cli's default maxSize should be Infinity, not 0 (#1739) 5 years ago
  greenkeeper[bot] 274dfdae4f Update flow-bin to the latest version 🚀 (#1737) 5 years ago
  ylemkimon 5e4c0bec74 chore(package): update babel-eslint to version 10.0.1 (#1729) 5 years ago
  ylemkimon 3907545e2c Add `raw` string group, move comment parsing to Parser, change URL group parser (#1711) 5 years ago