Commit History

Author SHA1 Message Date
  Matías Fonzo a219693019 recipes: tools/pmount: added version 0.9.23 1 day ago
  Matías Fonzo 306e69f6d5 recipes: tools/udevil: Add perp service to start devmon 1 day ago
  Matías Fonzo bfe89996c8 bootstrap: Make sure to obtain the absolute path name for the working directory 1 day ago
  Matías Fonzo 0b65dc939e bootscripts: rc.x11: Support Trinity's Display Manager 3 days ago
  Matías Fonzo 2ad7f914d8 bootscripts: rc.shutdown: Replace shell process when reboot/halt 3 days ago
  Matías Fonzo 0a4535c76a dragora-installer: Unmount (mounted) file systems by the installer 3 days ago
  Matías Fonzo dcd4f947b6 recipes: boot/eudev: Perform post-installation also if 'rootdir' is given 3 days ago
  Matías Fonzo bd33736386 qi: minor enhancements 3 days ago
  Matías Fonzo f9afa51ae0 bootstrap: minor enhancements 3 days ago
  Matías Fonzo 0d76ea3fd5 enter-chroot: minor enhancements 3 days ago
  Matías Fonzo 444834a8fd .gitignore: updated 4 days ago
  Matías Fonzo 2fbf44c833 recipes: libs/ncurses: improve support 4 days ago
  Matías Fonzo 1c4d10318e recipes: tools/moe: upgraded to version 1.11 (release candidate 1) 4 days ago
  Matías Fonzo de1628b4b0 recipes: Adjust C flags for cmake build systems 1 week ago
  Matías Fonzo 61948e828d patches: hldig: remove the patches presented by the upstream 1 week ago
  Matías Fonzo 6a9219859c recipes: networking/hldig: upgraded to snapshot 20200127_277e64a3 (this is the release 1.0.2) 1 week ago
  Matías Fonzo 0fcb6a0fb5 recipes: tde/tqca-tls: set pkgname from here 1 week ago
  Matías Fonzo be5a49779d recipes: tde/tqca-tls: normalize package name 1 week ago
  Matías Fonzo cd82824e1a recipes: tde/*: reconfigured, minor changes 1 week ago
  Matías Fonzo b8b0ddec60 recipes: tde/tdebase: build with tdeioslaves support 1 week ago
  Matías Fonzo 044267e080 dragora-installer: adjust dialog size, improve label message 1 week ago
  Matías Fonzo 1d278856a5 recipes: libs/libtirpc: adjust release number in recent addition 1 week ago
  Matías Fonzo cff71c1907 recipes: tools/quota: build with rpc support 1 week ago
  Matías Fonzo 08fb2238d2 recipes: devel/rpcsvc-proto: added version 1.4 1 week ago
  Matías Fonzo c17e7d5aba recipes: libs/libtirpc: added version 1.2.5 1 week ago
  Matías Fonzo 210d3ccc85 dragora-installer: enhance messages for the initial screen. 1 week ago
  Matías Fonzo 1e4b95884a dragora-installer: Update copyright year 1 week ago
  Matías Fonzo 674be7d01b dragora-installer: Use comma for the last sentence in the initial screen 1 week ago
  Matías Fonzo 018573f617 dragora-installer: Make minor adjustments to agree with Michael Siegel's suggestions 1 week ago
  Matías Fonzo 2f5ceb9bd2 dragora-installer: Changing the initial messages 1 week ago