Commit History

Author SHA1 Message Date
  Matías Fonzo ab0e475a66 recipes: libs/ncurses: Upgraded to version 6.2-20200919 17 hours ago
  Matías Fonzo 3c1ac6cb0e recipes: libs/lzlib: Commit missing downgrade 1 day ago
  Matías Fonzo 6015402c90 sources: SOURCELIST.txt: Update address for lzlib-1.11 1 day ago
  Matías Fonzo 5dd99be99b Downgrade version of lzlib (1.11) 1 day ago
  Matías Fonzo e1228bdd0d recipes: compressors/plzip: Upgraded to version 1.9-rc2 1 day ago
  Matías Fonzo 358da83203 qi: Get the absolute path name to compose the current working (physical) directory when build 3 days ago
  Matías Fonzo 316266f7cc qi: Minor changes, refactoring readconfig() 3 days ago
  Matías Fonzo 2f94015a7b recipes: Upgraded CMake stack 3 days ago
  Matías Fonzo 8582804b9b stages: 1/13-lzlib: Fix mismatch (provided) version 5 days ago
  Matías Fonzo 82c644dabf archive: Adjust entries in some files 5 days ago
  Matías Fonzo 9340d76784 archive: etc/os-release: Refreshed 5 days ago
  Matías Fonzo c21891fe5e recipes: 01-sound.order: Fix wrong declaration for vorbis-tools 1 week ago
  Matías Fonzo f0f47bf4c2 recipes: libs/lzlib: Upgraded to version 1.12 (rc2) 1 week ago
  Matías Fonzo aff3b7c987 Update differences for musl from master branch 2 weeks ago
  Matías Fonzo fb43301198 bootstrap: Switch back to the optimization flag for the size 2 weeks ago
  Matías Fonzo 6d1bbdcd0a recipes: tools/htop: Upgraded to version 3.0.1 2 weeks ago
  Matías Fonzo f61c37d73b recipes: networking/alpine: Upgraded to version 2.23 2 weeks ago
  Matías Fonzo d7a765c984 recipes: networking/irssi: Fix unpack() from the previous adjustment 2 weeks ago
  Matías Fonzo 1e7186c852 recipes: networking/*: Upgraded iptables and nftables stack 2 weeks ago
  Matías Fonzo 877f357aff recipes: networking/iproute2: Upgraded to version 5.8.0 2 weeks ago
  Matías Fonzo 13827e82df recipes: compressors/gzip: Build as static again 2 weeks ago
  Matías Fonzo 6c86ef861a recipes: networking/ncftp: Refresh old source 2 weeks ago
  Matías Fonzo b63d58e539 recipes: networking/ineutils: Apply patches from Debian in order to refresh this source 2 weeks ago
  Matías Fonzo 68d4b0a68b stages: 1/16-qi: Optimize for the size 2 weeks ago
  Matías Fonzo 62fd339a35 recipes: compressors/gzip: Compile without text relocation 2 weeks ago
  Matías Fonzo 5d7a7b78cf recipes: compressors/gzip: Build as dynamic in order to have PIE support 2 weeks ago
  Matías Fonzo c9a207004b recipes: devel/elfutils: Fix copyright date in recipe 2 weeks ago
  Matías Fonzo ef6195cf0f recipes: devel/libelf: Removed in favor of elfutils 2 weeks ago
  Matías Fonzo 890753674e recipes: devel/elfutils: Added as drop in replacement for libelf 2 weeks ago
  Matías Fonzo e2013b7c14 recipes: libs/{libxml2,libxslt}: Fix missing unpack() instruction due to the recent adjustment 2 weeks ago