Commit History

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  cage b3754aae79 - added function to eval an external TCL script for a file. 4 years ago
  cage 2a22397d07 - removed footnotes in 4 years ago
  cage cf559ab83b - marked as deprecated the '#[...]' reader macro; 4 years ago
  cage 75fcf11008 - fixed typo. 4 years ago
  cage 6685d952cb - updated documentation. 4 years ago
  cage 81411b1b40 - updated documentation (compatibility matrix). 4 years ago
  cage ff99a2b006 - Updated README to point out that works on ECL.. 4 years ago
  cage 4a26594308 - moved from cl-syntax to named-readtables. 4 years ago
  cage b517a7ceb3 - updated README: added quote character when 'use-syntax' appears. 5 years ago
  cage 6ee0d754fb - update documentation: library compiles with latest CCL after ASDF upgrade. 5 years ago
  cage 6c7e496b70 - updated README. 5 years ago
  cage 89c6bfbf7a - added documentation for megawidget; 5 years ago
  cage c8e4cad1c4 - updated README. 5 years ago
  cage eda197d598 - removed README in html format; 5 years ago
  cage a5eba826c9 - updated README; 5 years ago
  cage e3afe6b4cc - using 'pprint-down' in grid-(column|row)configure' 5 years ago
  cage 6c930d3b35 - added JPG pixmap support (via the awesome cl-jpeg ;-) ); 5 years ago
  cage c9a650a830 - Added a bit of documentation for pixmaps. 5 years ago
  cage fd7ce48dcd - updated README. 5 years ago
  cage 73e5526867 - integrated cl-colors name facility; 5 years ago
  cage ba2fef8815 - initial commit. 5 years ago