Commit History

Author SHA1 Message Date
  Dmitri Goutnik 433a145f3d - take first column title from :column-labels in setup-columns; add support for :anchors 2 years ago
  cage ac1ab4bc5c - fixed 'ubvec4-normalize', length variable was bound to a float, not an unsigned octect (thanks quicklisp and sbcl\!). 2 years ago
  cage 0b569556ea Merge branch 'master' into development 3 years ago
  cage d7847e6037 - made 'grid' accepts 'pad' argument formed by a list, 3 years ago
  cage 27d96e0ca1 - rewritten 'pack' using tclize. 3 years ago
  cage 58616a1347 Merge branch 'master' of peterlane/nodgui into master 3 years ago
  Peter Lane 91071b3c80 Fixes issue 22 - sanitize mis-formats numbers 3 years ago
  cage 8d04bb9692 - used default title if not specified as argument to 'with-ltk'. 3 years ago
  cage bc305c1e49 - added :class and :title args to 'with-nodgui'. 3 years ago
  cage 8af645ce64 - updated version. 3 years ago
  cage 1b34941cb7 - allowed unescaped '{' and '}' as title for choose color dialog; 3 years ago
  cage 4a9c2e7714 - [tklib] prevented crash when a plot with no legend for a data set is drawn on canvas. 3 years ago
  cage ee4c34132f - [tklib] fixed width of error bar in dot plot. 3 years ago
  cage 60d66ca23f - increased version. 3 years ago
  cage 82ad85b58a - removed :type slots for a canvas shape (triggrered a warning). 3 years ago
  cage 2f3b0e9c1f - updated version. 3 years ago
  cage 6bc959de8b Merge branch 'thread-safe' 3 years ago
  cage 87a67a8af2 - removed note from README. 3 years ago
  cage b934d4786c - fixed indentation. 3 years ago
  cage f82c6c5b8f - added missing argument for 'listbox-colorize-item' spacialized on 'scrolled-listbox'. 3 years ago
  cage 86d0300394 - added 'listbox-colorize-item' amd 'listbox-size'. 3 years ago
  cage 6c772ad755 - prevented crash when (de)iconifying *tk*. 3 years ago
  cage 63eeb215ad - fixed out of range index when building an event struct. 3 years ago
  cage 1efa834047 - fixed listbox-insert to allow use :end as index. 3 years ago
  cage a132419cfb - restored enqueueing event mechanism. 3 years ago
  cage f1cd2ec79e - removed useless variables and commented code. 3 years ago
  cage e67d9cd76e - added call to 'read-data' to prevents infinite loop (notify window). 3 years ago
  cage 9143651e34 - added call to 'read-data' to prevents infinite loop. 3 years ago
  cage 0719bc99cc - removed a workaround. 3 years ago
  cage 02d24152f8 - made CPU works less. 3 years ago