Commit History

Author SHA1 Message Date
  dm9pZCAq 4de80233e9 rc: change ZRAM settings 1 month ago
  dm9pZCAq 222e5afed9 boot-services: pseudofs: remount / 1 month ago
  dm9pZCAq f53e47b2e6 boot-services: rename lo to net-misc 1 month ago
  dm9pZCAq 57e9709d76 typo fix 2 years ago
  dm9pZCAq 38e80ad4b9 functions: runit-logger.c: return on EOF 2 years ago
  dm9pZCAq cc01766f91 add logger 2 years ago
  dm9pZCAq 9de28f5614 shutdown-services: add hwclock 3 years ago
  dm9pZCAq c3d664cf78 functions: added runit_once 3 years ago
  dm9pZCAq 357776916d functions/runit_cron: "run" functions instead of "programs" 3 years ago
  dm9pZCAq 7dd787fb13 add info about `etcfiles` repo 3 years ago
  dm9pZCAq e3ebf76835 fix reboot and poweroff 3 years ago
  dm9pZCAq dde87b8be5 change indentation from spaces to tabs 3 years ago
  dm9pZCAq 8a216af6d5 fix initptint 3 years ago
  dm9pZCAq 4612e9b36f boot-services: some fixes 3 years ago
  dm9pZCAq 5b609dcd8d 2: fixed /etc/issue setting 3 years ago
  dm9pZCAq 4665d4f275 fixed functions link 3 years ago
  dm9pZCAq 98dad44aca 3: don't hide commands output 3 years ago
  dm9pZCAq f2957b5286 3: fixed shutdown-services file checking 3 years ago
  dm9pZCAq 2725da9e8a boot-services: added opentmpfiles 3 years ago
  dm9pZCAq 7810d6ae3b boot-services: optimized async loading of services 3 years ago
  dm9pZCAq 185732a73d boot-services: pseudofs: added size for cgroups 3 years ago
  dm9pZCAq 00bc43318b changed behavior of storing printk level 3 years ago
  dm9pZCAq d85304eadd functions: added runit_cron 3 years ago
  dm9pZCAq 836a449394 functions file moved to directory 3 years ago
  dm9pZCAq 6ab66a80f2 added dynamically substituting boot time in /etc/issue 3 years ago
  dm9pZCAq 3afe81f4bc added size to /dev/shm 3 years ago
  dm9pZCAq 3a40da9be1 added gitignore 3 years ago
  dm9pZCAq f94c4d5114 added info about files 3 years ago
  dm9pZCAq 6ee2e9d9ce added shutdown-services 3 years ago
  dm9pZCAq 2002d3a3be renamed core-services to boot-services 3 years ago