Commit History

Author SHA1 Message Date
  dm9pZCAq f5dc98f09b local/bin: add dmenu-bookmarks 1 month ago
  dm9pZCAq 0878b28f74 config/zsh: conf: add broot to local-plugins 1 month ago
  dm9pZCAq 8a1da1d895 local/sv: add pulseaudio-mdevd 1 month ago
  dm9pZCAq 593d7bf69e local/sv: add pulseaudio 1 month ago
  dm9pZCAq e9bef19684 local/X/sv: wall: some fixes 1 month ago
  dm9pZCAq 5325285f94 local/X/sv: xrdb: add finish 1 month ago
  dm9pZCAq 55052694d5 local/X/sv: add vnc 1 month ago
  dm9pZCAq 2a58629380 local/X/sv: add picom 1 month ago
  dm9pZCAq d470be40b4 local/bin: swallow: rename waitpid command to waitanypid 2 months ago
  dm9pZCAq c22c475e91 config/profile: rename waitpid command to waitanypid 2 months ago
  dm9pZCAq 295debf9d4 config/profile: nohup now built in waitpid 4 months ago
  dm9pZCAq 22743f57ed config/zsh: conf: keys: use backward search from fzf 5 months ago
  dm9pZCAq 4c1e92287b config/zsh: conf: !comp: add nix-profile to `fpath` 5 months ago
  dm9pZCAq 18556efa33 config/zsh: conf: !plugins: add `fzf` and local-plugins 5 months ago
  dm9pZCAq 860b58e047 config/zsh: conf: add local-plugins 5 months ago
  dm9pZCAq e228ebb90e config/zsh: conf: p10k: update `ncdu`, use builtin `lf` 5 months ago
  dm9pZCAq c473232e9f config/sxiv: image-info: add aspect ratio 5 months ago
  dm9pZCAq dbaa0ebc1e config/sxiv: key-handler: add keys to copy filename and full path 5 months ago
  dm9pZCAq 16fc69ad0d config/shell: source in private subdir 5 months ago
  dm9pZCAq a45711ed93 config/shell: functions: remove misc 5 months ago
  dm9pZCAq 11fb132a12 config/shell: aliasrc.d: git: update aliases 5 months ago
  dm9pZCAq 4308278e2c config/shell: aliasrc.d: remove, move `gt` to misc 5 months ago
  dm9pZCAq de9bfd0ae1 config/shell: functions: portage: add search option to __edit_portage 5 months ago
  dm9pZCAq 3f8995fd1e config/shell: gentoo: move upmanifest and up from aliasrc.d to functions 5 months ago
  dm9pZCAq 4ee2ba2205 config/shell: functions: gentoo: minor changes for kmake 5 months ago
  dm9pZCAq 2ef734d5f1 config/shell: aliasrc.d: core: use eza as ls, add ip alias 5 months ago
  dm9pZCAq bd006e5758 config/profile: use `waitpid` instead of trap 5 months ago
  dm9pZCAq 52d3070daa local/sv: lf-server: minor updates 5 months ago
  dm9pZCAq 3d18dacf3e local/sv: add ssh-agent 5 months ago
  dm9pZCAq 17d9a41526 local/bin: userunit: use runit-tmp-ln during start 5 months ago