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this is shell script (writen in hare (but without popen(3) or system(3) (only pure execve(2)))) for more convenient way of managing all kind of archives with one command line interface

for info about options and usage see man page

how to build

# build `a`
make RELEASE=1
# ls -l .bin/a

# to rebuild man page with scdoc
make man
# ls -l man/a.1



  • hare
    • qbe
    • C11 compiler
    • GNU compatible linker

to automatically download and build hare and qbe (takes few seconds):

make -C .hare


for example to extract or list content of .zip archives you need unzip(1) and to create zip archives you need zip(1)

for managing .tar.gz archives you need tar(1) and gzip(1)

and so on and so forth