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  1. <!-- Copyright 2008-2010 StatusNet Inc. and contributors. -->
  2. <!-- Document licensed under Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 Unported. See -->
  3. <!-- for details. -->
  4. This document outlines this service's respect for your personal
  5. privacy as a user of the service.
  6. - Almost all the text and files that users upload to this site is
  7. available under the site license (see the license block at the bottom
  8. of this page). Users agree to the license when they register to use
  9. the site for the first time. Typically that means that the data can
  10. be copied far and wide, for commercial and non-commercial purposes,
  11. and in modified or unmodified form. If you're not OK with that,
  12. don't use the service.
  13. - The following data items are considered *private data* that won't be
  14. shared with other users, business partners, or the public at large:
  15. * your password
  16. * your email address
  17. * your IM address (AIM, Jabber, or other instant messaging address)
  18. * your phone number
  19. * your "private messages"
  20. * your login credentials (username and password) for other services (Twitter, Facebook, etc.)
  21. - Some private data may be published in aggregate, e.g. "30% of our
  22. users are registered with Hotmail addresses."
  23. - Your notices (including files) can be downloaded and re-used by
  24. other services, either one-by-one or in bulk as
  25. [RSS]( files.
  26. - Your profile information (including subscriptions and avatars) can be
  27. downloaded and re-used by other services, either scraped from the HTML
  28. interface or in bulk as [FOAF]( files.
  29. - Your notices will be forwarded to users who subscribe to them,
  30. including users on another microblogging service.
  31. - Your profile information will be sent to microblogging services for
  32. users who subscribe to you or to whom you subscribe.
  33. - Based on your email preferences, you may receive automated email
  34. messages for important system events, such as when others subscribe
  35. to your notices.
  36. - Based on your email preferences, you may receive an email
  37. newsletter. You can opt out of the newsletter if you don't want to
  38. receive it.
  39. - In urgent situations, administrators may send you email directly to
  40. your registered email address, even if you've requested no notices
  41. or newsletter. *Administrators will use digitally-signed email.*
  42. - This service will comply with court orders to turn over your private
  43. information.