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Filing bug reports

Bugs or feature requests can be posted on the GitHub issues section of the project.

When reporting bugs, in addition to the obvious description of your issue you must always provide some essential information about your environment such as:

  1. version of Predis (check the VERSION file or the Predis\Client::VERSION constant).
  2. version of Redis (check redis_version returned by INFO).
  3. version of PHP.
  4. name and version of the operating system.
  5. when possible, a small snippet of code that reproduces the issue.

Think about it: we do not have a crystal ball and cannot predict things or peer into the unknown so please provide as much details as possible to help us isolating issues and fix them.

Never use GitHub issues to post generic questions about Predis! When you have questions about how Predis works or how it can be used, please just hop me an email and I will get back to you as soon as possible.

Contributing code

If you want to work on Predis, it is highly recommended that you first run the test suite in order to check that everything is OK and report strange behaviours or bugs. When modifying Predis please make sure that no warnings or notices are emitted by PHP running the interpreter in your development environment with the error_reporting variable set to E_ALL | E_STRICT.

The recommended way to contribute to Predis is to fork the project on GitHub, create topic branches on your newly created repository to fix bugs or add new features (possibly with tests covering your modifications) and then open a pull request with a description of the applied changes. Obviously you can use any other Git hosting provider of your preference.

We always aim for consistency in our code base so you should follow basic coding rules as defined by PSR-1 and PSR-2 and stick with the conventions used in Predis to name classes and interfaces. Indentation should be done with 4 spaces and code should be wrapped at 100 columns (please try to stay within this limit even if the above mentioned official coding guidelines set the soft limit to 120 columns).

Please follow these commit guidelines when committing your code to Git and always write a meaningful (not necessarily extended) description of your changes before opening pull requests.