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AuthCrypt allows for GNU social to use password_hash() hashing to store password credentials.


You can change these settings in config.php with $config['AuthCryptModule'][{setting name}] = {new setting value};.

Default values in parenthesis.

authoritative (false): Set this to true when all passwords are hashed with password_hash()

(warning: this may disable all other password verification, also when changing passwords!)

algorithm (PASSWORD_DEFAULT): A hashing algorithm to use, the default value is defined by PHP. See all supported strings at https://php.net/password-hash algorithm_options (['cost' => 12] if "algorithm" is bcrypt): Hashing algorithm options. See all supported values at https://php.net/password-hash statusnet (true): Do we check the password against legacy StatusNet md5 hash?

(notice: will check password login against old-style hash and if 'overwrite' is enabled update using crypt())

overwrite (true): Do we overwrite password hashes on login if they used a different algorithm

(notice: to make use of stronger security or migrate obsolete hashes, this must be true)

password_changeable (true): Enables or disables password changing.

(notice: if combined with authoritative, it disables changing passwords and removes option from menu.)

autoregistration: This setting is ignored. Password can never be valid without existing User. provider_name: This setting defaults to 'crypt' but is never stored anywhere.

Technical note: Many settings are inherited from the AuthenticationModule class.