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Most of this directory contents are patched PEAR libraries (necessary as PEAR packages are no longer maintained)

List of external libraries

A number of external PHP libraries are used to provide basic functionality and optional functionality for your system. For your convenience, they are available in the "extlib" directory of this package, and you do not have to download and install them. However, you may want to keep them up-to-date with the latest upstream version, and the URLs are listed here for your convenience.


  • Port from PEAR NET to Guzzle
  • Port from PEAR DB to Doctrine DBAL
  • Port from PEAR mail to PHPMailer
  • eventually port OAuth to something more modern

Why not replace all the components with newer ones? We don't think the alternatives really meet our needs or are at all necessary and/or better solutions. The code of these patched libraries that we are maintaing is quite good.