Commit History

Author SHA1 Message Date
  Diogo Peralta Cordeiro 6e031d623a [VersionBump] 2.0.0beta0 2 years ago
  Alexei Sorokin c5e433d577 Update the project homepage and IRC channel 3 years ago
  Diogo Peralta Cordeiro 11fa4b617a [DOCUMENTATION] git clone with https so people don't need an account 3 years ago
  Diogo Cordeiro 73a514ddcc [DOCUMENTATION] Updated TODO and branches info 4 years ago
  Diogo Cordeiro 2a06261f75 [CORE][COMPOSER] Move extlib packages with immediate composer correspondent to composer dependencies 6 years ago
  Miguel Dantas 7643f3cf7b [CORE][ACTION] Removed getfile action. Superseded by attachment/*/download, which additionally uses a file hash as oposed to a filename. 5 years ago
  Miguel Dantas aa5c6bbf08 [CORE][UI] Made attachment actions and its subactions be able to identify attachments by id and by filehash. Changed the url stored in the DB to be attachment//view 5 years ago
  Miguel Dantas c7475d78b4 [CORE][UI][ROUTER] Added view action, which inlines images and videos but downloads everything else. Fixed File url to get an URL fromthe view action, so when a making a remote notice, the correct URL is used, not accessing directly to the file 5 years ago
  Miguel Dantas 3c9a07677e [CORE] Attachments and thumbnails aren't accessed directly by the file under the file storage folder, but indirectly from PHP, so that access to the file folder can be blocked in the server config 5 years ago
  Miguel Dantas ccebe536b3 [MEDIA] Removed blacklisted extensions, "trusts" upload extension (doesn't affect anything) and updated sysadmin documentation 5 years ago
  Miguel Dantas 5eb4a7d711 [MEDIA] File downloader now in PHP, added proper name in the UI and changed the format for new attachment file names 5 years ago
  Diogo Cordeiro 2740ff8c4c [DOCUMENTATION] Minor corrections 5 years ago
  Miguel Dantas b224d93098 [MEDIA] ImageFile now extends MediaFile and validates images more aggressively. 5 years ago
  Diogo Cordeiro 2110c20ecc [DOCUMENTATION] should mention about the importance of running upgrade.php script 5 years ago
  Diogo Cordeiro 46f98b3142 [VersionBump] 1.19.0, fairly late 5 years ago
  Diogo Cordeiro 3886db64bc [DOCUMENTATION] Update 5 years ago
  Diogo Cordeiro e7a875755d [DOCUMENTATION] Move CREDITS to its own file and update list from postActiv 5 years ago
  Diogo Cordeiro 8305641b20 Update master GS version 5 years ago
  Mikael Nordfeldth de8aed6a28 Added bullet point to README 6 years ago
  Bob Mottram 11c57e7aee Remove Google References 8 years ago
  abjectio 63ca11fc7d Changed URLs in README to reflect new host 9 years ago
  Mikael Nordfeldth 1cc96cd334 1.2.x branch started (utf8mb4 support is reason enough) 9 years ago
  Mikael Nordfeldth b639a25856 Emoji support through utf8mb4 seems to be done! 9 years ago
  Mikael Nordfeldth b3e80f5c32 Updated and framework.php 9 years ago
  aroquen b953acf3c5 Fix links in 9 years ago
  Mikael Nordfeldth 8ad4d1baf8 Version bump to 1.1.3 since conversation tracking 9 years ago
  Mikael Nordfeldth 694b370b20 Updated README before pushing to 1.1.x 9 years ago
  Matt Lee 547ce54749 Updated README 9 years ago