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  Diogo Peralta Cordeiro ee872b5e44 [Media] Document recently added settings and add some more 3 years ago
  Alexei Sorokin 9e94b7f145 [DATABASE] Switch from PEAR DB to MDB2 3 years ago
  Alexei Sorokin 6d203d42e9 [DATABASE] Enable fulltext search by default 3 years ago
  Diogo Cordeiro 91869c78ac [CORE] Better queues defaults 4 years ago
  Alexei Sorokin 16b5ddd230 [DATABASE] Re-introduce PostgreSQL support 4 years ago
  Alexei Sorokin d26aac77b3 [DATABASE] Always quote identifiers 4 years ago
  Miguel Dantas bff525d26f [DOCUMENTATION][SYSADMIN][CONFIGURE] x-static-delivery was in the wrong section 4 years ago
  Diogo Cordeiro eba2fe1624 [DOCUMENTATION][SYSADMIN][CONFIG][profile] Fix default of backup and restore options 4 years ago
  Daniel Supernault 2850e56f30 [CORE] Add custom favicon configuration support 5 years ago
  Miguel Dantas a5259073df [CORE] Fix X-Sendfile for nginx, using the X-Accel-Redirect header 4 years ago
  Miguel Dantas ccebe536b3 [MEDIA] Removed blacklisted extensions, "trusts" upload extension (doesn't affect anything) and updated sysadmin documentation 5 years ago
  Miguel Dantas b224d93098 [MEDIA] ImageFile now extends MediaFile and validates images more aggressively. 5 years ago
  Diogo Cordeiro eaea9d48c5 [DOCUMENTATION] Convert Configure to markdown, format and improve it by maiyannah and Normandy 5 years ago