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  Mikael Nordfeldth 51f97c7e84 section control over their notice lists + HTML id stuff 9 years ago
  Mikael Nordfeldth 414a95a784 Initial move towards microformats2 10 years ago
  Mikael Nordfeldth 5e054bfdb3 Minor typing stuff and syntax fixes 10 years ago
  Mikael Nordfeldth b0dfc70a54 Properly unlink all old avatars when deleting/uploading a new 10 years ago
  Sarven Capadisli 03edbfe24e Added single whitespace to separate inline text words. 14 years ago
  Evan Prodromou df86aa7214 define LACONICA and accept LACONICA for backwards compatibility 15 years ago
  Evan Prodromou 865b716f09 change LACONICA to STATUSNET 15 years ago
  Evan Prodromou ae883ceb9b change to 15 years ago
  Evan Prodromou d35b2d3f3c change to 15 years ago
  Evan Prodromou c8b8f07af1 change Laconica and Control Yourself to StatusNet in PHP files 15 years ago
  Jeffery To 0155d02cec Fixed PHP Notice "Undefined property: Profile::$value" 15 years ago
  Evan Prodromou f527b8a8d7 wrong order for span and a in profilesection 15 years ago
  Evan Prodromou 343cd6f205 Move common_avatar_* functions to Avatar 15 years ago
  Evan Prodromou 56b6164fa4 Move table-based profile section layout from topposter to base class 15 years ago
  sarven 9bab9ae078 Top posters section markup and stye 15 years ago
  Evan Prodromou 0029ebad11 Don't tryto show a section if nothing comes back from profiles 15 years ago
  Evan Prodromou 04b164c342 A section sub-class for profiles 15 years ago