Commit History

Author SHA1 Message Date
  Diogo Cordeiro 1536d3ef29 [XML/HTML Outputter] General improvements and refactoring as well as some bug fixes 5 years ago
  Mikael Nordfeldth fcf47f315b Removed deprecated activity:subject 10 years ago
  Zach Copley df19e88323 Atom output - Reinstate activity:actor and activity:subject 13 years ago
  Evan Prodromou 80191b56df Show <activity:subject> in Atom group notice feed 13 years ago
  Evan Prodromou ab92496ddc Stop using <activity:subject> for atom feeds 13 years ago
  Brion Vibber 696e4ba393 Merge branch 'testing' of into 0.9.x 14 years ago
  Zach Copley d3d499879c - More useful group info from api/statusnet/group/show 14 years ago
  Brion Vibber 696aeea113 Merge branch 'testing' of into 0.9.x 14 years ago
  Zach Copley c5b61078e1 Pass auth user into Atom feed generators (needed for outputting favorited status in statusnet:notice_info tag) 14 years ago
  Siebrand Mazeland 9b788471d4 Add translator documentation. 14 years ago
  Siebrand Mazeland 518832da28 Document messages for which clarification was requested. 14 years ago
  Brion Vibber 9fadf8da11 Put all required field setup into AtomUserNoticeFeed and AtomGroupNoticeFeed, consolidating some code. (RSS feeds pulling title, logo etc from the Atom data structure so we don't dupe it.) 14 years ago
  Zach Copley f3a82e787c Add OStatus PuSH hub and Salmon links back into user and group feeds 14 years ago