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  demure e21848db97 Updated sort js to be much much better. Thanks tomasino for the pointer. 6 months ago
  demure e5aa1523b9 Updated code to handle lack of response from ipapi. 1 year ago
  demure dfe324b93b Addjusted code to have top player match done cleaner. Added server total math. bumped version to 0.3.1 2 years ago
  demure 1c692c9cc3 Added reference to endlessh in html. 2 years ago
  demure 3af587f9bf Fixed max HostTime comparison. Started initial augment support. Disabled a sort call. Tweaked html table look. Corrected html indents. Tweaked text. 2 years ago
  demure 5b849ead43 Tweaked wording, added script link to output. 2 years ago
  demure 51e6aac019 Inital working version of a python scoreboard generator. 2 years ago