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  1. This is a distribution of a preprocessor, lbl, for nroff and its
  2. kindred. Lbl allows you to give symbolic labels to objects in a text
  3. file which belong in numbered sequences (e.g. chapters, figures,
  4. tables, equations) and to refer to them by name; sequence numbers are
  5. assigned automatically. Hence, it is unnecessary to adjust all
  6. cross-references every time that a new item is inserted into the middle
  7. of a sequence.
  8. Multi-level sequences are supported (similar to the multi-level section
  9. numbers in many macro packages); the user has control over the format
  10. of each level of sequence numbers (roman, arabic, letters). Many
  11. independent sequences may be used simultaneously, limited only by the
  12. memory available to the program; the same name may be used for items in
  13. several sequences.
  14. The program was written by Chris Miller at Heriot-Watt University,
  15. Edinburgh. Please report bugs, portability problems or ideas for
  16. improvements to chris@hwcs.uucp ( ....!mcvax!ukc!kcl-cs!hwcs!chris if
  17. you need to be more explicit in your mail path).
  18. As indicated in the attached NOTICE, you are free to pass this to
  19. anyone else; it contains NO code restricted under proprietary
  20. agreements. If you make alterations, please (a) inform the author and
  21. (b) mark the emendations to the original distribution clearly
  22. (preferably through conditional compilation) -- I desire neither praise
  23. for your brilliance nor scorn for your incompetence!